How to Determine the Right Storage Unit Size

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Picking the right size of storage unit is important; since you have to pay for it based on the size, you want to make sure that you do not overpay. You want to buy the smallest possible storage unit that will comfortably fit everything you need to store. This will allow you to spend as little money as possible. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which size of unit you need. This is a simple guide for some rough approximations.

Bookshelves and Small Furniture

If you are looking to store just a few things such as some bookcases, small furniture, and boxes, then you can probably get away with using a 25-square-foot storage unit. The smallest storage services in Swinndon usually offer you 15-square-foot units. The average bookcase is about six square feet, so you can easily estimate how much you could fit in such a unit.

Offices and Apartments

If you are looking to store the contents of a small office or a two-bedroom apartment, you will probably need about 150 square feet. A 10-foot by 15-foot storage unit will provide you with ample space for storing the contents of a decent-sized apartment. You can fit even more in such a space if you do not have large bulky furniture. Also, the space is large enough that you can utilise the vertical space by stacking items on top of each other.


If you are going to store your car, you will need a minimum of about 200 square feet. You need enough space to drive the car into the unit, while also putting other things around it. That is about the size of a small garage.

Entire Home

If you are trying to store the contents of your entire home in a storage unit, then you will need about 300 square feet of space. That will give you the ability to put your car, your furniture, and much more into the storage unit.


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