How Parking Bollards Can Help Protect People and Property

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Traffic bollards are available in many different types to provide sufficient protection for a wide variety of locations. Storefronts, property perimeters, entrances, and warehouse doors are among the many applications for traffic posts, but parking bollards can help protect pedestrians, property, and vehicles from damage. Like other types of traffic safety and security devices, removable bollards can give your property the protection it needs at all times.

Choose from Different Styles of Parking Barriers

Depending on the application, various types of bollards are available to protect buildings along with individual parking spaces. There are three main types of parking bollard models available, which can redirect traffic to areas where vehicles are permitted, make drivers more alert, slow traffic, or keep property and pedestrians safe from low-impact vehicle crashes.


Collapsible Bollards

Collapsible parking posts can protect entrances of parking lots from unauthorized entry when a location is closed to the public, or they can even protect individual parking spaces.

These posts use bases that are securely anchored in the ground, with hinged construction that allows users to raise and lower them to alter access control. Users can typically lock them in place with a custom padlock or other easy-to-use mechanism, allowing them to change access levels with ease.

They are ideal for light- to heavy-duty protection, with different thicknesses available based on both security and clearance needs.

Removable Posts

If temporary parking bollards are more ideal, these can serve as traffic control barriers to keep vehicles away from pedestrian-heavy areas for brief periods of time.

Many models of removable posts leave flush surfaces when removed, which leaves the installation location seamless with the rest of the ground. Different sleeve options are also often available based on your ground.

These posts are primarily intended for visual deterrence and light-duty protection, unlike the stronger collapsible posts.

Parking Meter Posts

Want to bring additional visual deterrence and physical protection to your parking meters?

Parking meter posts allow users to install parking meter heads to the top and locking them in place, which can alert drivers to parking meter placement and protect against light impact.

Install Parking Posts at Many Locations

Nearly any type of facility can utilize parking bollards. Use bollards for parking lots at stadiums, warehouses, stores, schools, government facilities, airports, and many other locations where parking lots are present.

Many bollards come with various specification options to meet your needs, making sure that you have full access control over your location.

In addition to protecting parking lots, traffic posts are useful for many different locations. A professional can help you decide on the best traffic posts based on your needs, and provide installation on your property.

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