How do Portable Toilets Actually Work

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Portable toilets are a unique kind of toilet which uses special chemicals to treat and deodorise waste. They are naturally of a different type when compared with the traditional ones that we make use of in our homes, which uses water to flush away waste. The portable type of toilet is typically used in those places where traditional plumbing is not available.

Inside of all portable toilets there is a reservoir which holds chemicals, such as ammonia compounds, that help to dissolve and break down any human waste. And even though the chemicals in the toilet make the waste odourless, they do not totally disinfect the waste. Human waste is later on taken from these kinds of toilet (still harbouring dangerous bacteria and other microbes) and dealt with in a specialised manner.

Where you will See Them Being Used

Due to portable toilets being waterless, they are very advantageous for use in such places where water cannot be easily found or is limited.

All portable toilets are:

  • Chemical toilets and you can see them being used in a wide range places, as in building sites, where the plumbing is not yet installed.
  • Or at large often outdoor concert events or other occasions where there are large amounts of people attending, which would quickly overwhelm any type of built-in toilet.
  • Anyone who is looking for professional portable toilet hire in Melbourne, should ensure that they use a reliable and well-established service.

More Places You Will Find Them Being Used

Some remote country style homes also make use of chemical toilets, as do a lot of RVs and motor homes.

  • Many RV and motor home style parks, even offer specially-approved dumping sites made especially for those RV and motor home owners who wish to empty their full toilet tanks.
  • These tanks are typically quite small and the contents can be disposed of without any trouble.

Up in the Clouds

Everybody who has ever flown knows that aeroplanes use a different kind of chemical toilet known the vacuum toilet. This waterless toilet uses a strong vacuum flush that takes away all of the waste from the toilet and afterwards a small amount of a chemical agent swirls around the bowl to get rid of odours.

These vacuum-assisted toilets are utilised in aircraft, because using water would be not only impractical, but any kind of turbulence or sudden movements of the aeroplane would more than likely make the water slop out.

Disposal Methods are Identical

Waste from the aeroplane toilet is kept in a chemical tank inside the plane and then collected after landing, emptied and then replaced again by one of the airport’s special servicing personnel prior to take-off.

And that’s all there is to it! All pretty much basic really, isn’t it? Don’t forget, that if you require such a service, make sure to contact and consult with a company that is reliable and experienced.

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