Common Problems when you hire a Recruiter for Your Company

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If you are a recruiter or a hiring manager, you know that hiring process is all about speed. The faster you fill the position, the better. It will give your company or organization enough time to operate at full capacity. But that’s not the only reason. If you keep the hiring process longer, you will also have the highest chance to pass on a good candidate that can help your company or organization run smoothly. According to studies, at least 20% of capable candidates are waiting for 3 days at most for a scheduled interview. Not only that, companies lost at least 10% of the candidates after 3 days. Imagine losing almost half of the capable candidates because of a slow hiring process. According to other reports, almost half of the candidates lose interest in an organization that doesn’t follow-up with their application within a week. And the other half lose interest if they don’t hear from the company after 2 weeks of the scheduled interview. It means that to get the best candidates, companies, and organizations should speed up their hiring process before every possible candidate loses interest.

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The problem here is, hiring managers and recruitment managers are very busy looking for possible candidates in the social media, they tend to forget walk-in applicants. This may be unintentional, but it drags the hiring process too long. Asking them to move faster won’t work. The best way to solve this problem is to ask the organization head to ask their hiring managers to go on-call in case someone interesting walks-in. Interviews with a possible good candidate should be scheduled, not more than 3 days after receiving the resume. The reason why this happens is not only because of slow recruitment. Another reason is poor calendar management. People in the recruitment department have daily tasks that they tend to overlook the importance of calendar management. The availability of recruitment managers and hiring managers is also one of the main reasons why these problems occur. Fortunately, there are technology that can help with how hiring managers and recruiters can work together properly. Google calendar can help manage the schedule more efficiently. You can also use Calendly to make scheduling of interviews easier. Another solution is to make a hiring event or set-up a fixed date for interviews. A job fair can be a good example. This will give recruitment managers time for interviews instead of just scheduling it sporadically.

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Conduct training for hiring and recruitment managers

Another problem is the capacity of hiring managers to conduct proper interviews. This will also delay hiring process since if the hiring managers don’t know how to properly interview an applicant, they will just forward an incompetent applicant. Conducting seminars and training for everyone in the recruitment department can help everyone do their jobs more effectively. It is the company and the organization’s responsibility to conduct proper training for their recruitment people for interview skills. Recruitment managers can also help by providing training materials for the training. These training can help hiring managers and hiring crew reduces the biases and make sure that they can hire the proper people for the company. Hiring a recruiter is a good idea if your company doesn’t have time for new training and seminars, but if they can conduct training for their recruitment department it will be a big help. There are a lot of source materials on the internet that can help the company for their training. As a recruiter, you can help the organization by giving all the support the company needed.

Get feedback from the hiring managers

The last part to consider is getting the feedback from your managers as well as from everyone in the recruitment team. Studies by Dr. John Sullivan show that there is a 10 day window between the day of getting the resume from applicants and hiring the applicant. If the hiring process goes over 10 days, it is not a good thing for the company since applicants will lose interest with the company. Always get feedback from the recruitment team on how they are doing or how the hiring process is. To properly get everyone’s feedback, the company should di surveys within the department after a series of interviews. That way, every detail is still fresh and they can give you a real-time update on what is really happening in the recruitment process.

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