Your Smart Car Needs a Smart Car Insurance

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The era of smart cars is here; consider yourself lucky to be a part of this revolution in 2019. In India too, smartphone integration, increasing connectivity, sensors/ radars assisted controls, blind spot detection and auto-braking are making safe self-drive a reality to a certain extent.

Though we still have miles to go before we catch up with the smarter cars plying on smoother streets elsewhere, the journey has certainly begun. The race for smart cars in India is picking up pace. In this scenario, well-conceived car insurance plans are making it possible for buyers to go about their act with more peace of mind. Read on for more.

Contribution of Technological Advancements 

Companies like Chipmaker Intel Corp. are laying focus on telematics, hardware and data applicable to smart cars. They are going a long way in fueling powering infotainment systems in the vehicles attributed to Kia Motors Corp., Hyundai Motor Co., and Infiniti Motor Co. Ltd.

  • Technology is making car riders reach their destination safer and faster. Additionally, it is leading to more affordable car insurance policies as there are lesser chances of accidents with more enhanced safety metrics in place.
  • Smart cars use the best technological inputs to protect the environment and reduce emissions.
  • Serving as intelligent connected devices, these cars are using powerful sensor technology to sense, assess and respond to their surroundings in the best possible manner.

The Future of Smart Cars

Research firm Gartner Inc. has forecasted that by the turn of 2020, globally, over 250 million cars shall be provided with Internet access. With tech giants in technology platforms presenting products like CarPlay, Android Auto, etc., car infotainment systems, smarter voice commands, and more – the going can only get better from here. In India, smart car owners are opting for the best products and providing cover for their coveted buys by investing in the best car insurance policy online.

Feature Expected in the Smart Cars of Tomorrow

  1. Augmented Reality Display: The framed ARD on car windscreens will undoubtedly add more functionality to gen-next vehicles.  The display screen will showcase speed, navigation details, incoming calls, etc. with icons on the windscreen.
  2. Smart Fuel Saving: Drivers of smart cars can expect to get efficiency notifications/ tips / alerts as they driven mile after mile.
  3. Sheet Thin Batteries: The millennial cars with sheet, thin batteries, do not require extra space for installing the same. The batteries can be fitfully concealed in the open and the exterior parts of the car can be replaced with sheet batteries.
  4. Perfect Mobile Integration: It will be possible to control various aspects of mobile phone’s functionality via unique voice commands/buttons even when the mobile user is driving.
  5. Self-Healing Paint: This impressive technology will make surface scrapes vanish magically in a couple of minutes and the original look of the car will be retrieved!

Last Word

Technological advancements in the world of smart cars is surpassing expectations with every passing day. Even as smart car technology transforms to become more effective and cheaper, it is a good idea to insure what’s available today. If you are the proud owner of a smart car, then invest in a car insurance policy on the double; it is important!

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