Why it Makes Sense to Base your Holding Company in Switzerland

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Switzerland is a very attractive country for many reasons, for the tourist it is a place of sheer beauty and elegance, while the wealthy seem to prefer to reside within the boundaries of this idyllic nation. Yet there are certain advantages to registering a company here, as the taxation rates are very low, and if you plan to set up a holding company, there are certain Cantons that offer the lowest rate of taxation, and with certain tax exemptions on dividends earned, it makes for a very desirable business environment.

Low Base Rate of Taxation

Switzerland compares very favourably when one looks at income tax, and for a tax privileged holding company, the rate would be merely 7.8%, compared to 28% in the UK and a whopping 35% in America. For this reason alone, it makes perfect sense to formulate your holding company in Switzerland, but if the dividends earned are from outside business, there is no tax to pay. There is a lot to setting up business in Switzerland, and you would need the help of a specialist company that is dedicated to company formulation, and with their help, you can arrange all the other services that running a business would require.

Business Prestige

Switzerland is synonymous with success, and your clients will be more than a little impressed when they see your business address on the company paperwork, and with virtual office services, your clients will think you have a manned office in Switzerland, when in reality, calls are being answered on your behalf and forwarded to your mobile number.

Essential Services

Your new company would obviously need a website, and the company that takes care of the registration would have connections with top quality web developers who can create the perfect digital platform for your new enterprise. Your accounts must be kept in Switzerland, according to Federal law, so you will need to arrange for an experienced accountant, something that can easily be arranged on your behalf. Your mail might need to be forwarded, or you might want to actually have a bricks and mortar office in the Canton where your company is registered, which can also be easily arranged.

Central Location

The global marketplace means a central location is ideal, and with all major European cities only a few hours away, Switzerland is ideally located geographically, and with English speaking professionals who can provide any service, you can be sure your business will be functional and efficient. Low taxes and generous exemptions offer a holding company so many advantages, and with the rest of Europe looking decidedly shaky, you couldn’t make a better choice than Switzerland.

The specialist company would guide you through the process, and with your input, they can recommend the best Canton in which to set up the new business, and once the registration is complete and you begin to trade, they are on hand to assist in any way they can.


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