Why Is Bitcoin Pizza-Day Being Celebrated Globally

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If you check out the Bitcoin-history then you will amaze to know what was the first thing purchased by a Bitcoin. It was nothing but two-pizzas. Now, Bitcoin-value has increased so much but in the year 2010, Bitcoin-value was only US$0.08. As per the Information shared at Bitcoin-forum, two-pizzas were being ordered with almost 10000 bitcoins. That was one of the most expensive deals that the whole world had ever experienced.

Now, if you go by the current Bitcoin-value then you will get to know that those two-pizza worth almost 150 million-dollar. This is how Bitcoin pizza-day has come into existence. This day is now being celebrated in quite a grand manner. Now, many pizza-dealers are accepting Bitcoins and therefore you can easily enjoy freshly-baked pizzas by using Bitcoins from your Bitcoin-wallet. Blockchain-technology will surely protect your identity from getting disclosed.

How is Bitcoin pizza-day celebrated globally?

  • 22nd of May, 2010- This date is now being remembered as the famous day when two-pizza were being purchased with 10000 Bitcoins. Every year, this particular day is being celebrated all across the globe as Bitcoin pizza-day. Laszlo Hanyecz was the famous Bitcoin-programmer who purchased these pizzas and Papa-John is the concerned pizza-seller who sold them.
  • In the year, 2011 the pizza-value reached only to 25-dollar but now the value has surprisingly turned into 150 million dollars. Bitcoin-enthusiasts basically celebrate this big day by raising pizza-slices in the name of Hanyecz. That day has brought a great revolution in the world of digital-currencies. A memorable history of cryptocurrencies has been created by this date.
  • An increase of Bitcoin-value is a complete shock not only for everyone but for the introducer as well. This thing has been recently shared by Hanyecz in an interview. Coindesk is now supplying a continuous report regarding how Bitcoin-rate is going up day by day. Many people who have recently heard of Bitcoins are now showing their interests in knowing what was the first thing purchased by a Bitcoin.
  • Nowadays, many retailers are offering special deals specially gift-cards especially to those customers who are buying pizzas with Bitcoins from popular pizza-counters like Papa John, UNO, Dominos, and others. In fact, e-commerce retailing platform has now become much smarter than before with the commencement of Bitcoins in the industry. Snap card is also offering a very lucrative deal for Bitcoin-users.
  • Now, bitcoins are getting accepted almost at every popular pizza-outlet. In fact, pizza-outlets are giving greater preferences to those customers who are using Bitcoins for purchasing pizzas. Effective online-research or available reviews can definitely enable you to know about these deals. Else you can also visit the official-sites of different pizza-dealers for knowing the updated deals offered for Bitcoin-users. On the pizza-day, pizza sale always remains higher as the occasion being celebrated globally.

Many potential reviews are now found revealing what was the first thing purchased by a Bitcoin. From these reviews, you will also come to know about the current pizza purchasing volume by Bitcoins. The reviews will also help you know how people celebrate Bitcoin pizza-day with great pleasure.

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