The Benefits of Resurfacing a Tennis Court

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Tennis courts that have been used for a long time will eventually start to look worn out and old. While players may still be able to use them, playing on a damaged and old court means that players will have to be aware of where they step, watching out for buckling and cracks that may trip them, and will force them to deal with balls not bouncing in their intended direction. When a tennis ball lands on a buckled piece of tennis court, is common for it to bounce off in a different direction. Refinishing and resurfacing a tennis court is a cost-effective way to ensure that everyone has a great playing experience and that the game is fair.

Low Cost

One of the main benefits of tennis court resurfacing is that since you are simply recovering and renewing the surface instead of replacing the whole tennis court, it is a lot more cost-effective. In addition, resurfacing that is done well and by a professional company will last for a long time, thus extending the life of your tennis court. New ways of resurfacing are much faster than traditional methods, require fewer amounts of materials, and allow customers to choose from a number of different colours for the surface without having to pay premium prices to customise their court.

They Last a Long Time

New resurfacing materials are designed to last a long time, even when they are placed in an area that lies directly in the sun. Rather than being damaged by the sun and requiring additional repair work, a great resurfacing job will keep a court from wearing prematurely and will also keep players happy. Since the surface will be smooth and strong, it is unlikely to chip away or break, keeping players safe while on the court and ensuring that all balls hit true and don’t bounce off in an unintended direction.

They Look Great and Are Safe

A freshly resurfaced tennis court will look new and clean for years, which will add to the value of your property. Taking care of your tennis court is a great way to show that you take care of your belongings and to ensure that the court always looks welcoming. A cracked and dirty court will not inspire anyone to play tennis and will prevent people from enjoying the sport. Hard courts are particularly hard on the body, but a resurfaced one can have a cushioning coating system applied so that it is easier on the players and allows the game to move at a faster pace.

No matter how old your tennis court is, if it is showing signs of wear and tear, then you need to talk to an expert about resurfacing it. Rather than attempting this work yourself, hiring an expert will ensure that the job is done properly with the right materials and products and that the damage is fixed appropriately. Different kinds of damage will require different treatments, and experts will be able to address each issue.


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