Take Care of Your Car this Winter with these Useful Tips

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When winter arrives, it’s not just humans who need special care, your car needs special attention too. Winters are a tricky time for all vehicles owners, especially if you are planning road trips. Besides the fog and poor visibility, the cold weather can also affect the car’s engine and electrical circuits. If you don’t take the necessary precautions during winters, you may often have a hard time cranking up the engine. Here are some simple winter car care tips that will help you keep your car safe during winters:

Battery Care

When the temperature plummets, the fluid inside your car’s battery may thicken and may not conduct electricity smoothly. To avoid this, perform a battery voltage test before the onset of winters. If it is discharges or weak, get it re-charged or replaced if necessary.

Check the Coolant

Coolant or an anti-freeze prevents the engine from freezing in cold temperatures. So make sure the coolant level is up to the mark before the arrival of winters. Also, check for leaks in the engine which may lead to draining of the coolant. Experts recommend that a 50-50 mixture of coolant and water should be used during the winters.

Check your car tyres and tyre pressure

Your car tyres need special attention during the winters. When the temperature drops, the air pressure in your car tyre may also drop. If you drive with low-pressure tyres, you may facepremature tyre wear or tread separation. To avoid this, you must keep checking your car’s tyre pressure, especially before going on long drives.

Inspect the lighting system

The nights are always longer during winters, hence your car’s lighting system has a crucial role to play. Also, fog lights and blinkers will help you stay safe while driving through fog or snow.

Keep the fuel tank brimmed

This is a simple yet effective trick to avoid water particles from freezing inside your car’s fuel pump. When you fill the fuel tank up to the brim, it will prevent any accumulated water particles from freezing inside the tank. Hence, your car engine will stay warm even if you are stuck in a snowstorm.

Despite taking all such care and safety precautions during the winters, driving in low temperatures is always a risky affair. Fog and smog often cause low visibility in most parts of India during the winters, which is one of the major cause of accidents. Additionally, if you live in an area that experiences snowfall, blizzards or hail storms, driving can be dangerous during such weather conditions. By buying a comprehensive car insurance policy, you can enjoy long drives in your car with peace of mind no matter what season it is. A Car Insurance policyoffers compensation against damages caused due to both man-made and natural causes. Besides taking special care of your car this winter, make sure to buy a comprehensive car insurance policy online and drive safe.

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