Should You Opt For A Dental Insurance Policy?

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Dental Insurance

“Smiles are great investments: The more you collect, the better you feel.”

And if you want to keep this smile forever, you need to take care of your teeth! But somehow, we neglect our dental and oral health often!

But do you know what?

Suffering from horrible tooth pain because of lack of enough money in the budget for a costly dental appointment is a harsh reality for many people.

Maybe that’s why the dental disorders are on the rise, with cavities and periodontal diseases being the most common! In fact, dental health is associated with other health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and pregnancy too!

And you may know that India is often referred to as the cancer capital of the world due to the high intake of tobacco products.

Well, preventive care often reduces the need for advanced procedures! Routine exams and cleanings are often costly without affordable dental insurance.

And that’s why it is advisable to opt for dental insurance! It can help you to deal with the costs of dental treatment. Dental insurance covers the expenses incurred in treatments that are supposed to be necessary by a dentist!

In our country, several health insurance plans are available including the cancer insurance! But let me tell you, buddy, you won’t find any major insurer offering dental insurance as an exclusive cover!

The reason being, dental procedures come under the cosmetic treatment category. But the procedures caused by any accidental injuries are often covered by insurance companies!

Here are some of the insurance companies which provide dental insurance:

Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance Plan covers dental treatment for any kind of accident. However, routine dental care is excluded.

LIC Health Protection Plus provides cover to all dental expenses. But OPD coverage amount is not mentioned separately.

Chola MS Travel Insurance will cover if there is damage to your dental health while travelling. As the name sounds, it will cover when you are on travel.

Ocare, an insurance Provider As A Service (IPASS) platform has recently launched the first exclusive dental insurance plan in our country. The group insurance product offers insurance up to Rs.25,000 a year. You have to pay an annual premium of Rs.1699 and you will get 100% tax benefit on the premium amount paid.

At present, it is offered only to corporate, schools, colleges, institutions, etc. to make dental insurance affordable and accessible to everyone!

Another way you can seek insurance cover for dental treatment is through the out-patient department (OPD) treatments. You will find the maximum limit that the insurance company offers in the policy document itself.

Usually, you can get coverage for the following dental treatments under a health plan:

  • Dental X-rays
  • Routine examination
  • Tooth filing
  • Tooth extractions
  • Root canal procedures
  • Follow-up treatments

However, the benefits depend on a policy that you are opting for! So, if you are residing in and around Kolkata and having any oral problems, you can go to a health care center in NewTown, Kolkata and get yourself checked! And don’t forget to opt for dental insurance asap to lower the burden of dental treatment costs!

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