Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting Pallet Racking and Considerations

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If you notice a changing storage demand for your warehouse, it is time that you upgrade your pallet racking system. Pallets are crucial in material handling and storage. Ultimately, pallets will ensure that the warehouse functions effectively, saving you time and costs along the way.

Before finding warehouse pallet racking Melbourne, you have to contemplate and ask the following questions to yourself:

What is the storage density?
This is the first question that you need to ask yourself. Bear in mind that different pallet racking systems feature a greater storage density. This is useful for maximizing space in the warehouse. It will also assist in storing large inventories of similar products.

What is the selectivity?
Selectivity refers to how often you need to access every SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). Knowing your selectivity, you can identify the right pallet racking choice. For instance, if you only need to access SKUs at once, you just need lower density storage.

What about the needed capacity?
When determining the capacity, you should never assume. You should weigh the heaviest pallet so you can start picking with the highest capacity in mind.

What is the system in place?
In your warehouse, there can be two systems – FIFO (First In, First Out) and LIFO (Last In, First Out). If your warehouse is using the FIFO system, you need a storage solution that will easily add products and remove it first.

What about the picking profile?
Picking profile refers to how the stocks are moved out of the warehouse. For this, you need to determine the primary picking as well as how the orders are moving.

So, what’s next?
If you ask the right questions, you can find Simple Storage Solutions according to your business needs. To help ease the burden of choosing the right pallet racking company, you should consider the following aspects:
● Budget: when it comes to setting the budget, you should be aware of the initial expenses like the storage system itself, design and installation. While it is sensible to buy within your means, you have to be wary when buying low-priced pallet racking. The key here is not to sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars. To help you decide, you need to compare different providers at the onset.
● Type: there are different types of pallet racking namely selective racking, narrow aisle, push back, and drive-in. If you are looking to maximize space and volume even if you keep stocks around for a while, you should consider drive-in racking. For small to medium-sized warehouses, selective racking system is ideal because of the low cost per square meter.
● Strength and durability: you have to determine the range of heavy-duty pallet rack system available at the onset. By choosing such, you can rest easy knowing that your new system is strong and durable.
● Adaptability: when you consider a new pallet racking system, you have to think of the future. It is important for the pallet racking to readily accept changes and accommodate it from little alterations to major modifications.
● Installation: it is ideal to let the specialist handle the installation especially if you are considering an elaborate pallet racking system. Keep in mind that the right installation ensures a safe workplace and efficient dispatch.

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