Points To Remember While Choosing A Financial Advisor

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You want to improve your financial health in future and for this reason, you have decided to take the services of a financial adviser. To invest your money is an important decision, but you do not know where to start. You will get loads of financial information online as well as off-line, but people who are not aware of marketing trends cannot take the right decision. If you think you are not capable of investing your money at the right place for best returns, then you can take the help of kreditus.eu, a financial advisor. Here are a couple of the things that will help you understand what you are looking for.

Types of financial advisers

You will find hundreds of agencies who are providing financial services. Anyone who has little knowledge of finance can start an agency, but you need to choose kreditus.eu to get maximum benefits. There are commission based as well as fee-based advisers.


Commission-based advisers will tell you about mutual funds, and other financial products. They will sell you insurance policies and annuities; in return, they will get their commission. Big financial institutions employ them and their pay is based on commission. Remember that when they are selling financial products to you, they have a temptation of commission so it may be possible that it can influence their decision and recommendations to you.


These advisers are affiliated with brokers or agents and they are same as commission-based advisers. There is a little difference between fee-based and fee only based advisors. There may be a conflict of interest because their recommendations will include those financial products from which they will get commissions.

Fee only

If you want to invest money and willing to pay fee, then this is the right type of advisor for you. They will charge you a set amount of money and provide the best financial solutions in accordance to your interests. They can charge you money based on product sales, commissions or charge a flat fee. They will provide comprehensive advice that includes retirement planning, taxes, investment, insurance planning and education funding as well.

What to look for in an advisor

There are different certifications and licenses that an advisor is supposed to have. Other than this, your financial advisor must have several years of experience. You can ask them for how long they are providing these services. Find out the list of their clients, contact them to know about the quality of the services.

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