Options for Seating Styles when Designing Your Bar

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There are different ways to design a bar. The goal is to maximize the space available and provide customers with the most comfortable seats possible. The layout alone must be attractive enough so that more people will decide to come in and take a look at what the place has to offer.

Bar table and stools

This is perfect for people who are going out alone. They would rather sit on a bar stool and interact with the bartender than to sit at an actual table with 4 chairs or more where they would look pathetic. You have to consider that not everyone is dining out with someone. There are people who choose to be alone. There should be a seating style that will accommodate them. You can check out these restaurant bar stools for sale if you are on a tight budget.

Standalone tables with chairs

This is the most common type of layout in restaurants. There could be just 1 huge table or 2 to 3 tables combined depending on the number of guests coming to dine. This type of layout makes the place feel homier. It is as if people are just dining at home. This is also more intimate and is perfect for family dinners.


This is becoming the most popular seating layout today. Booths are usually located to the side. There is a table in the middle and two padded benches with backrests facing each other. This is popular because those who choose to sit there can really relax. The seats are padded along with the back area, making them even more comfortable. There is more privacy since the booths are located against the walls usually. This is perfect for groups of friends, families or even those who are eating alone and they simply want to just have some time for themselves.

Important considerations

Aside from the types of seats to choose from, you also have to consider the circulation routes and flow of people moving in and out of the restaurant. There should be enough space for people to get in and out. This includes the waiter taking and delivering the orders. Otherwise, it could get really messy and people won’t feel comfortable. You must also measure the size of the seats you are buying along with the tables so that you can determine how many sets you need and if they will all fit in the restaurant.

The positioning of these tables and chairs must also be taken into consideration. The earlier point was about providing a better traffic flow, this time it is more about the aesthetic appeal of the place. Sometimes, people make decisions on where to eat depending on how lovely the place is from the outside.

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