Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with Palletisation

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Using pallets and other packing solutions has completely changed the way the global exchange of goods is conducted, and you only stand to benefit from using these versatile and cost-effective structures. Simply take the time to consider how long it would take for 30 units of your merchandise to be moved by hand rather than by pallet, and it should become quite clear why this is one of the best things you can do for your business. Whether you only use them to better organise and store items in your warehouse or regularly send enormous shipments overseas, you benefit greatly from palletisation.

Save Time

Pallets, crates and packing cases in Staines-upon-Thames allow you to move much larger quantities of goods in a much shorter time frame. For example, a single worker may be able to move 400-500 individual boxes in one working shift, but palletisation could double or triple that number in the same amount of time. Although the pallets do still need to be stacked with products, reducing the number of times each unit is handled by a worker will dramatically improve the time needed to move such products.

Faster turnaround is also possible in regard to delivering by vehicle while increasing operational efficiency of transport equipment along the way. The faster you can load a lorry or ship with your cargo, the faster the next shipment can be sent out behind it, which will make your efficiency increase exponentially. You will also significantly reduce labour requirements by reducing the amount of time needed to get the same amount of work done, especially when you factor in all the hours lost to manual handling.


Palletisation will also help you significantly reduce the chances of product damage and worker injuries while on the job. Products that are properly stacked according to their weight capacity and wrapped in a protective layer, such as plastic wrap, will be far less likely to fall over and become damaged. If you leave it to your workers to do it all manually, it is far more likely for products to be dropped and otherwise damaged during the process of packing and delivering the products.


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