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The digital era speaks a lot for itself when we spot a 12-year-old boy demanding some cool new shoes from his father he saw online the other day. Isn’t this cool when you can compare thousands of products, brands, varieties, and quality of a product without even stepping a foot out? Online shopping is breaking records like never before and the taboos have vanished with all the fascinating options that come with the Online Shopping Spree.

We’re almost aware of the primary precautions while shopping online like, choosing the secure browser, trusting the certified websites only, preferring credit cards over debit cards for safer transactions and not sharing any personal financial information online etc etc. But there will be very few really informative write-ups available which can actually enhance your experience while you decide to shop online.

Give these basic ideas a break as they’re already fit in our brains since ages. Let’s have some interesting & informative set of ideas which can actually help you shop better the next time you choose to shop online!

Online Shopping Hacks

  1. All About the Apps

One thing that remains in our hands most of the time throughout the day is our Cellphone. The inseparable companion right? So why not take some more advantages from it by downloading few apps. There are ample amount of Applications available online which can save your fave apparel/product while you’re searching and can notify you when the same thing goes on a price cut/sale or comes back to stock if it isn’t available at that very moment.

There are certain Cash Back Apps as well. Many retailers and online web stores have registered themselves with different such applications, so by simply downloading and/or signing up, you can avail the segregated percentage of cash back through it. Isn’t it great?

  1. The Signup and Earn thing

The shopping portals online usually tend to provide some great offers if you sign up for their newsletter or updates. They just require your Name & Email Address for it and you’re done. And why not to grab such discounts if you can save even a few bucks by it? Afterall, every penny counts when it comes to spending right?

  1. The secret

Shhhhh! I’m just about to reveal the secret. Just kidding, it is the hack which will help you stay away from the price hike for the same searched item. Usually, when we search for a particular thing we want to shop online, we prefer searching it many a time before actually making a purchase. The browsers we use save the searched preferences and will definitely help you find similar products, but there are chances when you frequently search the same product, prices hike. That’s because websites know by now that you’re anyway going to purchase it. So the trick is to always search for your desired products in any browser’s Private or Incognito Window. They do not save the cookies and so, no such price hike matters to face! Cool Right?

  1. Some Multibrand Stores

Usually, the big brand stores prefer to have both online and physical stores. You can take Shoppers Stop, Reliance Trends, Pantaloons etc for instance. They try fetching customers on the web as well as in physical stores. Many of such brand stores put exciting offers and discounts to increase their website’s popularity. So when you’re looking for an apparel or product to a local brand store, try checking its price on their shopping website as well, you might get lucky to have it at lower rates. Cheers!

Tips for being at a safer side while shopping online

  1. The Policy

We always swap the ‘Terms & Condition’ page simply by clicking ‘I Agree’ while purchasing. I understand it is boring to read those long pages but if not more, then at least try reading the ‘After Sales Services’ part into that. The return policies and terms related to after sales is a must for every online shopper to go through as the store will not physical and you only need to contact the website if anything goes wrong.

  1. Mobile Shopping

We like to keep our things handy, don’t we? Preferring mobile Shopping instead of using PC is most common these days. But while we’re doing this, we need to take few things into consideration for a safer shopping experience. We’re all aware of the ‘Secure Lock’ URL thing on our PC, but mobile screens are small and for this reason, the websites we visit may be of non-secure URL. Try keeping check particularly in this regards to only go for the Secure Locked website for shopping.

Another mobile shopping tip is to be very very cautious about the spammers. We often get emails and ads for products at a very very lower rate. When we directly click that particular link from mobile, there are chances our personal information might be stolen. So to avoid being a victim of such spam links, prefer copying the link and open it in a new tab else use your PC/Laptop to open ‘em.

  1. Consumer Rights

Shopping online is convenient, smart and pocket-friendly! But many of us restraint because of the fear of fraud. If anytime we feel cheated and the website owners did not give the satisfactory answer, you can always sue the online sellers as well. With proper guidance and evidence, you have all the rights to sue them in consumer courts.

Hope the next time you choose to shop online, you have all these information in mind and apply them wisely. That’s all from my side folks, happy shopping!


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