How to tell if your lawyer is capable of handling your case?

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Have you ever been sued by someone and contacted a lawyer? Facing a trial or going through a legal issue needs to be taken care of by professional lawyers. But how to gauge the lawyer’s capability or understand whether he/she can handle your case or not? Will they be good enough to properly handle your case and bring justice to the table?  

Let’s Explore.

The Basic Parameters and Deciding Factors

As a client, you need to know several things about the lawyer before hiring them. The most important characteristics of a potential lawyer are listed here:

Work Ethics

  • A lawyer must always either pick up their calls or return unanswered phone calls. If one does not do so, then it would be a sign that he is too busy with other cases or he is uninterested in your case. 
  • A good lawyer would never miss a deadline as they know how essential it is. Court filing deadlines could call off the entire case at one go. One should not work with a lawyer who misses or even forgets any of the deadlines irrespective of the circumstances.
  • The lawyer should be patient in hearing the client’s side and giving them the required suggestion according to the case. They should illustrate the entire matter to you in the manner you understand. If the lawyer cannot do this, it defines that he/she is not ideal enough to handle your case.

Working environment

When you visit a lawyer for consultation, you should give due attention to that lawyer’s working environment. If the place is clean and tidy and all the papers and files are orderly stacked up, then it would be a green signal for you to proceed with them. Because a good lawyer always keeps their place pristine and spotless.

Work experience

There are a few of these questions that one should ask to ensure that the lawyer can handle your case. One needs to know whether the lawyer has dealt with similar cases like yours before. If yes, what was the outcome of that case? And from how long has he/she been practicing law? If the lawyer can give you a satisfactory answer to all these questions, then he is deemed to handle your case with perfection. 

All of these things can help you decide whether the lawyer that you are hiring is experienced enough to handle your case with ease and can promise you a win-win situation or not. So take a well-thought decision.

Finding yourself a right lawyer

It is not easy to find yourself a good lawyer when you are not a pro. In such situations, one should take suggestions from friends or family who might have dealt with similar past cases. Or one could also contact the local bar association to get a list of qualified lawyers in their area. And as the present situation demands, one can Google and get the best lawyer who can handle your case effectively. 


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