How to Find the Perfect Remote DBA for Your Business

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It is quite common to find a small business without a DBA especially if it emphasizes more on the ground-based store. Remote DBAs are not just necessary, but they are mandatory for a company that wishes to take their shop online. A database administrator is a rare species. A GOOD database administrator is an even rarer one. Since a good DBA is never out of jobs, the process might remind you of something like looking for a needle in a haystack.

So, how do the millions of companies out there do it? Are there a million DBAs out there to satiate the need? Are all the DBAs qualified enough to take care of your business? Well, these are the questions we will try to answer right here.

Do you need a DBA?

Firstly, not all companies have their own DBA. Hiring a senior in-house DBA can cause a visible dent in your business finances. Therefore, many companies resort to finding a remote DBA who can assist them remotely via Therefore, if you say that your business has enough budget to support an in-house DBA, surely go for one. Otherwise, opting for a remote DBA is a smart option. Having a DBA 24*7 at your disposal seems quite pointless, especially if you can make do with on-call DBA talent. Now, if you are adamant on hiring an in-house DBA, we urge you to try out on-call remote DBA for the first couple of weeks. If that is enough for your company’s IT and DB needs, why spend the extra money?

Not all companies can have their own DBA even if they have the money and the need. Becoming a Database Administrator is not an easy job. It takes years of studying and then years of interning to become a good DBA. So, no, we do not really have as many DBAs as most companies would like. So we mostly have to share the best ones!

How to judge your DBA?

It brings us to the last question, and the answer is a simple one. Well, NO, not all DBAs are qualified enough to take care of your company data. You need a company that promises 24*7 on call DBA support. The company should fulfill the following requirements –

  1. The remote DBACompany should have a scalable IT infrastructure that can grow with your business.
  2. They should be able to provide you round the clock assistance with your IT, data and data security needs.
  • They should be able to specialize on at least one platform/cloud like Oracle and offer complete data solution for your company.
  1. They should spell out the terms and conditions clearly before getting into an agreement with your company.

Why is getting remote DBA services a better choice?

Not only will it save you more money, but it will also give you access to an entire team of experienced DBAs. Their collective experience is often better than a single person’s qualifications at handling an IT or database related issue. You will be getting what you pay for. You will get the assistance of an entire team each time you place a call for your database-related needs.Hiring a remote DBA means tapping into a well-established talent pool with a set hierarchy of problem-solving. Not only will you be paying your remote DBA services much lesser than your in-house senior DBA, but you will also not have to worry about CLs, sick leaves and vacations when you dial that phone. There will always be someone to address your concern even if it is 2 am.

We have already mentioned what you need to check before you approach a company, now let us find out, what you need to check before you approach a remote DBA for an assignment –

Each remote DBA needs to take up many professional responsibilities, which include –

  1. Closely monitoring your database performance
  2. Monitoring your user access and safeguarding the data from forced entry
  • Developing and monitoring your backup systems
  1. Taking care of new applications in the system and making sure, they are in accord with your existing IT infrastructure.
  2. Keeping the database up to date and informing you about any necessary software or security updates.

How to understand if your company needs a remote DBA assistance?

If you have a business that plans to go online soon, or if you have an e-commerce website that is already making heads turn, you need a DBA immediately. Collection and curation of the first phase of business data are the most important for any company.

We have seen many startups skimping on hiring a remote DBA, because, “the data in the first few months seem manageable” and later tumble into a mess of unsorted data quite a few times. It often leads to costly data rescue processes. By that time, if they face a malware, ransomware and hacker threat, their business hangs on the line. It becomes a very costly affair to rescue target data and neutralize the threat. Companies like T-Mobile are living examples of what NOT to do when it comes to data safety.

It is a simple principle. If you have a company and if you function online, you need a system that will store your data safely, organize it and create a backup. Most of the times, this place is a cloud storage like Oracle or Microsoft 360. Now, the preference of the cloud depends entirely on you and your remote DBA. Usually, cost and allied features of the cloud determine the ultimate choice.

A final word

Remote DBAs need formal qualification along with experience. That is why always check for certification of the remote DBA and the company you are hiring. If possible, look them up on business directories like Yelp or check them out on LinkedIn. Check for client recommendations, testimonials and genuine ratings before you make things official between your companies.

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