How to Find a Real Estate Investing Mentor

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This old saying is very true because the right mentor can make all the difference in being successful in real estate or not. There is a right way to go about finding one such as Lifestyles Unlimited Dallas, and the details are listed below.

1)The Day Job

Most real estate mentors will say to their students to keep their day jobs. The last thing a person wants is to quit something without anything new lined up. It is important to devote 100% of a person’s time into fulfilling their dream, but a person has to be smart about it.

Most real estate mentors will tell their clients to build their portfolio up over a lot of years. The idea is to quit their daily job when the time is right, and not before.

Those who are pursuing a career in real estate need some sense of stability. For More Sunny isles Beach Luxury Condos

Jack’s story

Jack wants to quit his contracting job to venture into real estate. He needs a concrete plan, including finding the right person to mentor him. Jack may go through 5-6 people before he finds the right one. It will take Jack a few years to find his groove, including making the mistakes he has to make to grow.

The last thing Jack wants to do is quit his contracting job cold turkey. Jack needs to pay his rent, as well as other bills. His mentor is not going to do it for him. Jack needs to be smart.

2)The Hangouts

The only way for Jack to find what he needs is to visit the places where the real estate mentors hang.

“Nothing is ever going to happen here. You need to go where things happen.”

Marla’s father. A League of Their Own, 1992.

Jack should Google the local hotspots to find where the local real estate agents are. Jack should start paying those places a visit during his downtime. The one thing Jack should avoid is being creepy and awkward about what he is doing.

Jack should go, visit, and listen to what people are saying. Jack should find a good way to bring up the conversation to other real estate agents. He can also join “MeetUp” to connect with local agents. Play it cool, though.

3)Avoid Being Creepy and Desperate

Some people just ask the question without anything to cushion it. Jack should avoid doing that.

Real Estate Mentoring Number One: Do not ask for it to happen. Jack needs to develop a relationship with the person first. Find some common ground, aside from real estate and dig in. Jack needs to wait for the right time and place to broach the subject.

4)The Relationship

Everything begins with the relationship Jack establishes with the person. Jack is not going to ask some girl to marry him right away on the first date. Jack needs time to find out more. That way he will know whether or not she is a girl worth pursuing.

Jack needs to start the relationship by fostering common goals and values. He needs to build things up to the day when he asks his real estate friend to “go steady.”

5)What Do They Want?

Jack may find the person likes him but has no real interest in mentoring him. It is similar to how Jack finds out the girl he has a crush on wants to be friends, and nothing more.

Jack should take his or her needs into consideration too. Jack has to keep in mind when to recover his loss and move on, especially when the person has given him every indication that they have no interest.

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