How to Draw Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

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Around 92% of marketers say trade shows are a great investment for businesses.

Many companies attend trade shows to connect with customers, raise brand awareness, and keep an eye on their competitors. Perhaps you’ve spent hours crafting the ultimate trade show booth but you’re not sure how to drive traffic to it.

Sounds familiar? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

Use Social Media

The best way to publicize your trade show booth displays is by using social media. Generate a buzz on your social media platforms so followers know where they can find you on the big day.

During the trade show, make sure you send out regular updates to encourage your audience to visit. You can do this by showing them behind-the-scenes content, offering a sneak peek of the booth, and showing them what activities you have planned.

You should also harness the power of public hashtags. Use the conference hashtag and create your own where you can post news throughout the event. You should also monitor hashtags before the event because you’ll find speakers, influencers, and attendees who will be at the trade show so you can invite them to your booth.

Giving Away Freebies

One of the best ways to encourage visitors to your custom trade show booth is by handing out freebies. Bring along plenty of promotional items like branded t-shirts, thermal mugs, and tote bags to attract visitors. Stumped for ideas? Then find items that tell the world who your business is, what you do, and make sure it’s unique.

Hand Out Free Food and Beverages

Aside from the excellent trade show booth design, another way to attract customers is by handing out free food and drinks. Whether it’s chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, or bagels, make sure there’s a steady flow because no one passes up free grub.

Or, if that doesn’t align with your brand, offer healthy snacks like kale chips, fruit, and sliders instead. But make sure you check the rules for exhibitors because food may not be allowed.

Address Attendee Pain Points

To become one of the most beloved stands at a tradeshow, target your customers’ pain points. For inspiration, consider the tradeshow and what they’re lacking so you can use that to attract customers.

So you could offer charging outlets, WiFi, and a dedicated rest space so attendees can catch their breath.

Create an Inviting Environment

When brainstorming trade show booth ideas, figure out how to create a welcoming environment for prospects.

Offer comfortable seating like bean bags or padded mats if you don’t have space for chairs. You should also set up a screen that plays an engaging presentation about your business so customers can learn more about you.

Try a Virtual Trade Show Booth

You should also create a virtual trade show booth to attract and immerse your audience. Make sure you feature your business’s logo prominently on the booth, showcase your best products, and create a colorful display that’s relevant to your brand.

Plus, create a responsive atmosphere with auto-playing videos and scroll-on images so visitors can engage with your company.

Live Demos

Live demos are a surefire way to generate a buzz about your business. On a big screen, loop a video that shows how to use your product so they can decide whether it’s relevant for them. Further, encourage customers to experiment with the physical product and have an employee present so they can answer any questions.

Make Your Trade Show Booth Memorable

When you design a visually-appealing booth, it’s bound to be memorable. If you can, check out your competitor’s booths to see how they’re decorating their space as it’ll give you the inspiration to do better.

Don’t worry if you can’t access this, just figure out what common tradeshow booths look like. For instance, create extra tall booth displays that customers can spot from a distance or display an interesting graphic at the entrance to intrigue passersby.

Hire Industry Experts

A surefire way to promote your trade booth is hiring an expert in your industry to give a presentation. This will attract customers because they can gain valuable knowledge for free while learning more about your brand.

You can also offer a VIP event especially if the exhibition is over the weekend. For instance, arrange a dinner out with influencers, key clients, and prospects after the show. Plus, if you promote it enough, leads will be interested because they don’t want to miss out on something special.

Make Your Booth Interactive

Don’t worry if you can’t afford cutting-edge technology to entice customers, there are many other ways to create an interactive tradeshow booth. For instance, consider holding a fishbowl raffle where visitors drop their business card into a fishbowl and come back later for the raffle draw.

The prize could be a bottle of champagne or a product sample. This is a great idea because it gives you a second chance to engage with leads when they return. And if the reward is a product then those who didn’t win may be interested in buying one for themselves.

That’s How to Draw Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

Hopefully, you now know how to draw traffic to your trade show booth.a

It’s important to create an inviting atmosphere, hire experts to give a presentation, and alleviate customer pain points so they’re drawn to your space. You must also promote your trade booth before and during the event to attract bigger crowds. Good luck!

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