How to choose the right SAP HANA Business One partners?

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Choosing the right ERP software is extremely important, but who is deploying it on-cloud or SAP HANA is equally important. The role of a trusted implementation is to craft a deployment plan and manage the deployment project successfully in the best interest of the business and its objectives. In this blog, we will discuss several key aspects as to how we can decide the best ERP implementation, partners.

Identify your business goals

To choose the right implementation partner, it is important to identify your business goals first. After identifying your business requirements, look for ERP solution consultants who can address your similar business requirement and can provide adequate support to your organization.

Do your research

Make sure to do some research while zeroing into potential partners before selecting an ERP partner. This will save you time and you will get closer to your mission-critical aims. Starting a project with an inexperienced technology partner can lead to missed deadlines, unexpected costs, or an ERP deployment that doesn’t meet all the business requirements. Once you have shortlisted a few potential partners, call them and probe further details about their solutions and methodologies.

Possess industry knowledge

Before resting your choice on ERP consultant, just make sure that they possess key industry knowledge and has almost every expertise about your industry and its requirements. They must be capable enough to answer all your concerns and should give your industry-specific queries almost instantly. They must also be able to respond to your real-time queries and address your industry related concerns smoothly.

Robust Sales Support

After you implement ERP in your business, just make sure you are getting the right support from your consultant. They must be able to respond to any eventuality at any time and understand your demands perfectly and always comes up with immediate support and time you need it.

You still feel like the best customer

It’s been a long time since you deployed your ERP and you still feel like your vendor’s only priority. A partner that can help you with the best and quickest customer service is the one you should go for. Check references and read customer testimonials to know about them in detail.

Evaluate other partners

Select your implementation partner based on how they can give end-to-end business value. Consider your options based on value addition, strategic partnership, and pricing criteria. Choose a vendor that provides an extensive range of implementation, migration, managed services, upgradation, and support options. Find out about their products and services, their sustainability, clientele lists, how they implement solutions, and how they have provided long-term support. Your ideal sap hana business one partner should have successfully performed implementations for similar organizations in your industry.

Check the level of training

Technology partners need to provide good training on SAP Business One ERP to ensure rapid user adoption. Without proper training, most business users will not be able to leverage all productivity-enhancing capabilities. This severely limits the ROI and users cannot use this up to the maximum level. Further, look for a group of professionals that provides clear communication, easy collaboration, and a positive, goal-directed attitude.

As businesses grow, technology needs also change. Having a partner on board who can help you scale the system, would save you a lot of time and money! Organizations aiming to have the best ROI for their ERP system should team up with dependable implementation partners to minimize unforeseen challenges during the rollout. The right implementation partner for you will help you stay closer to your business-critical objectives.

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