How the stricter regulations for wastewater disposal influence the industry ?

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Making water solutions for that Oil Gasoline upstream company

Ide tech water Technologies offers extensive encounter in building, implementing as well as servicing sludge, wastewater as well as water remedy plants with regard to Oil Refinery Wastewater Treatment and also the petrochemicals company. We offer a number of technologies with regard to produced drinking water treatment along with the expertise to look for the best solution for every application.

Onshore as well as offshore producers around the world put their own faith within our global knowledge. Ide tech  Drinking water Technologies is involved with all the actual major places in just offshore hydrocarbon manufacturing where drinking water treatment is actually applied.

Water is definitely an essential a part of gas and oil upstream area production. Ide tech  provides technologies as well as processes with regard to conventional in addition to specialized remedy systems for a number of unconventional ways of extraction. New causes of natural gasoline and revolutionary drilling techniques have paved the way in which for manufacturing of assets once regarded as cost-prohibitive.


Depending about the water features, required handled water high quality, and release requirements, our techniques are custom-designed to satisfy the distinctive needs from each task site.
Our laboratory and initial testing capabilities really are a valuable resource to verify design parameters how the system or even process may perform because specified.

Utilizing Ide tech “CeraMem® ceramic membrane layer technology, the ROSS System is really a unique, completely scalable, modularized drinking water treatment with regard to SAGD (Steam-assisted the law of gravity drainage) created water.

This particular modularized program provides elimination of essential oil, solids, silica in addition to softening associated with produced drinking water. The ROSS System may be used as the stand-alone remedy process, with regard to incremental capability expansion, and a way to de-bottlenecking current, underperforming drinking water treatment techniques.

Ide tech additionally provides impressive defiling techniques for created water. Including both:
Aeroflot mechanized induced gasoline flotation (IGF)

Energy Clean pine shell essential Oil Refinery Wastewater Treatment system (ORW) technologies.
Evaporation is really a robust as well as effective approach to treating de-oiled created water within SAGD manufacturing. Ide tech water Technologies is promoting an innovation to deal with the problems concerning silica elimination, scaling associated with heat move surfaces, as well as addresses the actual resulting trouble in fingertips of focused waste brines skilled in traditional evaporation procedures.

Nevertheless, production techniques for example shale gasoline hydraulic fracturing or even coal seam gasoline (CSG) requires an incredible number of gallons associated with water. Because production amounts increase, there’s a need to deal with the limited treatments for the actual wastewater produced. Long-term sustainability will need reuse as well as recycling associated with water assets and by-product recuperation while reducing overall waste materials volumes through production actions.

  • Technology for non-traditional gas manufacturing:
  • Transportable treatment solutions: MULTIFLO Softening
  • Evaporation & Crystallization / Zero Liquid Discharge
  • OPUS produced water treatment


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