How many boxes do I need for moving my house?

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The packaging is a real tuff job while moving out to a new place, there are a lot of essential things you need to look for the manner of preparing for transit is utterly absurd without the cardboard cases. Apart from your furniture items and your home devices, the rest of the items requires packaging in cardboard cases. These moving boxes insure the safety of all your stuff, your items will be adequately be preserved during the process of transportation between the two places.

So, you have to first look into all your stuff and analyze how many boxes you actually require to pack up your stuff. Every home is distinct and also the plan of the move is different too, therefore it’s unlikely to manage the specific number of boxes needed for the successful fulfillment of the packing.

Factors necessary for determining the number of cardboard containers:

Below mentioned the significant determinants that will conclude how many moving boxes you should get along.

Number of rooms.

The number of rooms is the first factor that determines the number of boxes, the more the number of rooms there are in your house, the more articles they will account for. There are many moving box calculators you will found online which will make the judgment on the basis of this factor.

Square footage.

The square footage is also another factor which is taken into consideration. Square footage of a home will give a more accurate view of the outlay of place that is filled than the number of rooms will. Some online grading calculators are also based on a home’s original square footage to analyze the amount of material in your place for packaging.

The number of people.

Of course, another important variable here is that the more the number of people in the house the more peculiar belongings there will be for packing and moving.

The number of years spent in the home:

Again this ones is another constituent that will help you ascertain the comparative number of boxes you’ll need. More the years you have been into your old place accounts for more stored items.

Kind of lifestyle:

Also if you are leading a high standard of lifestyle or if you are a big hoarder of products then definitely you might have a lot of stuff accumulated.  Either way, the rough calculation of transferring boxes will depend on your sort of lifestyle.

What kinds and quantities of boxes should you get for your move?

This is also a very essential thing that is the volume of the boxes you will require and that are easily available on the market. Below mentioned are the types and volumes of the boxes which you might find easily in the market for your move.

Standard moving boxes

These are the cases you will require to pack up most of your home items. They come in 4 assorted sizes:

A small moving box:

Which has an Estimated size: 18’’ x 18’’ x 16’’. Capacity: 1.5 cubic feet. Gross weight limit: 65 lbs.

A medium moving box:

Which has an Estimated size: 16’’ x 12’’ x 12’’. Capacity: 3.0 cubic feet. Gross weight limit: 65 lbs.

A large moving box:

Which has an Estimated size: 18’’ x 18’’ x 24’’. Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet. Gross weight limit: 65 lbs.

An extra-large moving box:

Which has an Estimated size: 24’’ x 18’’ x 24’’. Capacity: 6.0 cubic feet. Gross weight limit: 65 lbs.

So, now that you know so much about moving boxes, go ahead and plan a safe packing for your house move.


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