How Critical Health Insurance can help in Major Organ Transplant

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Organs play vital roles in our body’s everyday functioning and therefore, they should be taken care of through proper treatment. Organ failure can impact your body adversely and the malfunctioning of even one can make your entire system suffer. It must be understood that it is important to not shy away from organ transplants should you need them for they are being successfully done all over the world.      Medical sciences have progressed rapidly and now organs can be harvested from one body to the other. This is usually done by harvesting it from a living or deceased donor’s body and placing it into the recipient’s. Such procedures are only done after several tests have been carried out and all have proven that the donor and the recipient are compatible for the transplantation.

Organs that can be transplanted

Some of the organs that are commonly transplanted in medical science today are heart, liver, kidney, lung, pancreas and also the bone marrow. It must be understood that the procedure of an organ transplant is usually a very expensive affair and in India can cost anything between rupees 5-20 lakhs. To meet such expenses, it is often advisable to seek help from critical illness insurance and not drain your savings. It will do you good to know that you can also avail organ transplantation cover that is now provided by most insurance providers.

Why must you have a critical illness insurance

At the time when you compare health insurance¸ it is also advisable for you to consider investing in critical illness insurance.  This insurance is a benefit plan unlike the traditional family health insurance plan. A considerable amount is paid upon diagnosis of a critical illness that is listed and within coverage of the policy. This will cover your financial expenses for whatever line of treatment your doctor advises you to undergo by crediting a lump sum to your account in one transaction. This amount will cover your surgery, treatment, after care and also recovery. You may also use this money to substitute for all the money you have pooled in yourself, to pay off the debts that you may have taken in this process. A critical illness can significantly alter your lifestyle and drain away all your life’s savings. You may also be restricted from working and earning again thus affecting your chance at making the money back. Therefore, this health insurance policy is crafted in a way so that it can alleviate such problems to a certain extent. You can avail the lump sum as soon as you have been diagnosed with the illness or when the advice has been so issued by your medical practitioner.

Coverage of critical illness insurance

You must be aware of the scope of critical illness insurance coverage in order to be able to avail it when the time is correct. Typically, there are two types of plans within which the insurance coverage falls. The base level insurance covers illnesses such as heart attack, multiple sclerosis, stroke, cancer, major organ transplantation, coronary artery bypass surgery, kidney failure and so on. The more extensive plan covers illnesses that have been aforementioned and also others such as aorta graft surgery, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, end stage liver disease, benign brain tumor, heart valve replacement and primary pulmonary arterial hypertension

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