How Can Your Business Start Implementing ‘Be Green’ Ideas To The Business?

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Reducing the carbon footprint of your business is a challenging process when you have several employees all relying on technology and lighting on a daily basis. However, there are a few simple changes that businesses such as shops and offices can make to reduce the amount of waste they are producing. To help =you get started, we have compiled a list of some of these changes below.

Implement A Bag For Life Scheme

If you are looking to make your store a greener place then implementing a bag for life system is a great way of reducing the use of plastic. By manufacturing printed carrier bags for your store, you are not only reducing the carbon footprint, but you are marketing your business with every sale. Therefore, this is the perfect way to go green and Make A Reward Systemmarket your business to new audiences.

Though you have created this bag for life, there is no guarantee that those shopping with you will continue to use it. However, implementing some form of the reward system will help you to get more people using the bag again and again. Whether it is a free item with your shop or a 10% discount, this can all help to encourage recycling and reduce the carbon footprint of your business. In addition, replacing any bags that are broken or damaged will help to keep this system running as loyal customers will not have to purchase another one.

Change Blubs In Your Office Space

If you are a business looking to do your bit for the environment, several small changes can be made to make to help reduce your carbon footprint. One of the most beneficial changes you can make is changing to energy-saving bulbs. Though they are more expensive than traditional bulbs they use a fraction of the power of a regular bulb, this allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and now you are also saving yourself money on your energy bill. Whether you have a large office or a small office, this is the perfect way to begin to go green.

Reduce The Amount Of Paper Being Used

Another change that you can make to your office is the amount of paper that is being used. This accounts for a vast amount of waste every year that can be reduced with ease. By implementing a paperless office, you are not only saving money on office supplies, but you are reducing the amount of waste that your office is producing. This will, therefore, maintain the go green initiative and reduce the amount of waste thrown out every week allowing you to do your bit for the environment whilst saving yourself money over time.

Whether you are looking to go green at the beginning of the financial year or you are looking to make just a few small changes to help you reduce your carbon footprint, we are sure each of these listed above will help your business to achieve this goal.

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