Get Inspired From Stories of Couple Entrepreneurs with Kids or Want to Have Kids from Pretty and Punk

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Many people are turning down job offers or shifting their 9-5 jobs to start their businesses, which is very trending now. If you have the talent and the urge to do something, why will you be confined within a fixed schedule? Some even do not like the concept of giving every clarification to their bosses about their work. Professional life is very hectic, and there is always stress, tension, demotivation, and comparison. So, why not start something new? Power couples are turning their hobbies into entrepreneurship. No matter how big or small their businesses are, they are their bosses. 

What Is Special about Pretty and Punk

This is a business podcast for Entrepreneurs who are having kids or who are planning to have kids. Suppose you want to know more about power couples. In that case, you can join their podcast channel where the host Dan Caldwell and Ildiko Ferenczi take interviews of successful entrepreneurs from all over the world who make the juggles effortless. The podcast series will have exciting stories of success that will inspire such couples around and reveal their struggles among the readers. To get inspired by these stories, Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, or follow the @PrettyandPunkPodcast on Instagram and Facebook.

More about the Couple

Through these podcasts, Dadpreneur Dan Caldwell and Mompreneur Ildiko Ferenczi take interview of the most successful couple of entrepreneurs who have made meaningful success stories while struggling with kids a power husband and wife also running their own companies. Dan and Ildiko are successful in their ways. Dan was the co-founder and president of Global brand TapouT, and Ildiko is the founder of Canada’s 1st woman-owned architectural concrete company. This married couple is raising their kids as well as building their empire. 

How Do These Podcasts Help

You might be thinking that how they can do it? Readers can check out their business podcasts where this couple interview most happening couple entrepreneur who maintains a perfect life- balancing business and raising kids well. By listening to their podcasts, couples can get inspired and get to know some tips and tricks that will help them build strong families and great companies. To check out the podcasts, Subscribe on Spotify too. 

Some couples think that having a perfect family, with perfect kids and a perfect business altogether, is impossible. Divorce has become quite popular, and couples break apart as they are not finding the way to put up all things together. Some are successful in handling family, kids, and business, whereas some fail in the process. The power pact couple, Dan Caldwell and Ildiko Ferenczi have brought some of the raw stories of couples like them who are enjoying their family life and business and maintaining a perfect balance. Not everything we see around is flawless, but management is possible if you follow the right tips or tricks. If you want to get inspired by a couple of stories having kids or want to have kids and manage their business in the best way, Pretty and Punk business podcasts must be checked. You can also follow them On Twitter @PrettyandPunkPC!

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