Finding Your First HGV Driver Job

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Across the country, businesses are clamouring for qualified and skilled drivers to reinforce their distribution networks.

With the demand in the industry for HGV drivers outstripping supply, newly qualified drivers are finding more and more that they are getting the pick of the crop. Never before have there been more opportunities for qualified HGV drivers, from long-haul to local delivery, to find good jobs out there.

But how easy is it for a fledgling driver to find a new HGV job? Here are some tips from the HGV Training Centre:

How Important Is Experience?

Someone that has experience is an advantage but this isn’t always necessary, as training can be given. Obviously, companies will always look for drivers with the most experience and the highest paid jobs are likely to go to drivers with more experience. However, all drivers have had to start somewhere and there are still plenty of jobs for newly qualified drivers looking to get a foot on the first rung of the ladder. All that is needed is the right qualifications.

Option 1 – Driver Recruitment Agencies

There are two options available to you when you are newly qualified and looking for your first HGV job:

The more recruitment agencies you submit your CV to, the better your chances of striking it lucky. You do need to be quick off the mark because when a recruitment agency receives a request for a driver from a company, they will offer it to the first suitable candidate on their list. Of course, you will be given the opportunity to choose which role you accept and you won’t have to worry about settling for any random job.

Option 2 – The Direct Approach

If you prefer your search for a job to be more hands-on than that, you can adopt the direct approach:-

  • First, get the appropriate qualifications, bring your CV up-to-date, and then start handing it out to the recruitment departments of companies you would like to work for.
  • It would be ideal to hand out your CV to medium- to the large-sized haulage companies situation in the vicinity where you live.
  • You can send your CV by post, digitally or in person if you want to stand out from the crowd and make a personal impression.
  • This may take more time, however, by approaching a hiring manager directly for a chat you may stand a better chance of being called in for an interview. It shows a prospective hirer that you have confidence in your abilities and gives them the opportunity for an initial assessment.

Preparing Yourself

To prepare yourself for an interview, it is always the best advice when meeting with a potential employer to have sound knowledge. Whether it is just for an unofficial chat to get to know you better, or an official interview, make sure that your appearance is clean and tidy and wear something smart so that you give the right first impression. If you take the time to prepare and show up on time, looking smart, you will send out the message that you care about your appearance and that you take your work seriously.

Being prepared with information and answers will be essential when addressing your relevant experience and skills. In addition to having ready answers, it is a good idea to have a short written page about who you are and why you would be suitable for the position.

Driver Development Programmes

Many employers provide new recruits with induction training in order to introduce them to the company. Some companies offer new drivers ongoing support and instruction which gives them the benefit of the company’s years of experience. These development programmes often include instructions that look at things such as the operation of the vehicle and more.

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