Enhance Employee Morale by Changing Your Office Furniture

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The employees who work for you are the lifeblood of your organisation. That is why you need to stay up to date with your office décor and furnishings. Because of today’s technology, you can streamline the looks of your office and do so affordably.

Desks That Are Finished in White Are Currently Trending

One of the on-trend office furnishings that is popular today is desks that are finished in white. The workspaces come in a number of styles that prove to be stylishly complementary to a variety of office environments. What you choose will hinge on the space that you have available and how you plan to use the desk.

Panel Leg Desks

One of the more traditional yet contemporary white desk designs features panel legs. The desk, which comes in various sizes, offers a clean and modern feel in any office setting. Cable management portholes are normally included in the desk’s design.

Corner Units Save on Office Space

White desks are also featured as corner units. This type of desk is made to save on floor space. It features a functional desktop that offers a right- or left-handed configuration for use. The desk, which features panel legs, also comes with portholes for cable management.

Bench Desks

White bench desks from Andrews Office Furniture are popular desk designs that are made with square legs for a contemporary and fashionable look. The desks, which come in an assortment of lengths, depths, and finishes, can be ordered to your specifications.

This sleek-looking bench desk with a square-framed leg also offers the following amenities:

  • The desk can be purchased with a modesty panel.
  • You have your choice of a desktop style.
  • You have your choice of cable management alternatives.

Besides white, the desk can be ordered in such finishes as walnut or grey oak as well.

Rectangular Desks

White desks can also be purchased in rectangular designs. Desks of this type offer cable management portholes and cable management legs for added efficiency. The desktops typically are around 25 millimetres thick for added stability. You can order this desk in one of various sizes to suit your space requirements.

Desks Made with a Cantilever Design

Some of the white contemporarily-styled desks are designed with a cantilever frame. Similar to the rectangular desk, the desktop is around 25 millimetres thick. Cantilever legs can be ordered in one of various sizes and feature two finish alternatives. The desk is not only modern in design but also compact and functional.

If you want to upgrade the looks of your office and increase worker productivity, choosing a white contemporarily-styled desk makes it possible to upgrade your office décor and work more efficiently. Look at the selection online to explore your options today.


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