Empowering the Downtrodden

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The most common reaction whenever one sees a poor person is to give sympathy in the form of alms, but that is not the right attitude. What the more privileged people need to do instead of showing compassion is to provide them a helping hand. Giving them used, old clothes or throwing in a dime or two in their laps will not help them come out of the vicious cycle of poverty. If you intend to make your society a better place, you have to get rid of poverty.

The Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation provides the perfect solution to this. They do not give out money to the poor as much as pleases them, but they give out money in the form of micro finance loans to the needy as much as they require as capital for their business. This is the empowerment that they make available to the poverty stricken.

Just because someone is poor does not mean that they do not have dreams or they are not creative and innovative like the rest of their species, they too have a life that they would like to adorn with the best things that life has to offer. Unfortunately they are unable to do so due to lack of funds and finances, but if the more privileged people start to imbibe the same thinking as the Mercy foundation, it won’t be long that poverty will be eradicated from the society.

It has been noticed that when people are given the opportunity to create capital the end results are extraordinary. The simple logic behind this is that they value things much more than the others who already have them. Their self confidence and morale is hugely boosted and makes them put in much more than any normal middle class or affluent person would into his own business.

You should think that you are doing a great job by giving money to the needy and clothing to the naked, instead you should always think of it as your contribution to the society. After all who will benefit from the improved financial status of the society? Most definitely all its members! Hence, the more you are merciful to others the more you will be shown mercy.

The microloans are an excellent way of contributing towards the cause of alleviating the poverty of the society. The experts at the Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation thus strive to educate more people about the concept of microfinance and how it works like magic in the improving or starting one’s business. They believe and know that with the improvement in the business of an individual, ensues an up gradation of the family of the business owner and also those related to the family. This finally leads to the enhancement of the entire society and the nation at large.

So, you see that staring at a poor child, woman or man with compassion in your eyes, is not sufficient; you have to take it a step forward and encourage them to take up the first opportunity that knocks at their door to avail a micro finance loan.

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