Effective Loss Prevention Tips for Any Retail Business

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Losses due to theft can keep your retail business from thriving. If your retail store has seen an increase in theft or missing inventory, you should review your loss prevention strategies.

Install Convex Mirrors and Use Shorter Shelves

The installation of convex mirrors can help employees see around corners. When employees have a greater view of the store, potential thieves have fewer areas to hide their activities. You could also use shorter shelves to make it even easier for employees to view customers.

Work with a Security Company to Manage Loss Prevention

Another solution for improving loss prevention is to partner with a security service. You can outsource the hire of retail security guards to protect your business. Allow professionals to deal with surveillance and the apprehension of criminals.

Security companies in Stockport can also provide uniformed or plainclothes guards. This includes mobile guards who monitor your premises or static guards who provide a constant presence. Both options can help act as a deterrent to potential thieves while offering support if criminal activities occur.

Conduct Inventory Checks Regularly and Keep Your Store Organised

Most stores conduct an inventory check monthly or quarterly. Increasing the frequency of inventory audits can deter employee theft. You can easily keep track of merchandise, which makes it easier to determine if theft has occurred.

Keeping your store organised also helps reduce shoplifting and monitor inventory. This maximises visibility.

Install Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

You could also consider installing security cameras and an alarm system. While they could help you catch a shoplifter in the act, security cameras and alarms are more of a deterrent. Place cameras where they are easily seen.

Place Expensive Merchandise in a Locked Cabinet

You do not need to store expensive items on the store floor. You can keep these items locked up in the back storeroom or behind the counter. When a customer inquires about the item, you can bring it to the register. This keeps customers from simply attempting to shoplift a major item.

Always Pay Attention to the Entrances and Exits

The registers should offer employees a clear view of the entrances and exits. They should be near the door to greet guests as they enter. Simply greeting each person as they walk through lets people know that the employees are aware of their presence, which may deter theft.

Depending on your current loss prevention methods, these tips should help cut down on loss from shoplifting. Review your current shoplifting policy and discuss it with your employees so they are aware of what to do if they suspect a customer of shoplifting.

Complete these steps to prevent theft and protect your business. For further assistance, remember to consider the use of professional security services.

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