Do Research before Going with Any Company for Rim and Tire Financing

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If you are thinking about custom rims and tires there might be two problems in your way. First is the price of this purchase and second how can you get them financed.

Business financing

There are many financing businesses on line that will finance custom rims and tires and that also can get these products for you at a bargain price. Some offer hundreds of wheel rims at 50 percent to 70 percent off MSRP. They offer your major brands at the price you want and the custom service that you need. They sell hundreds of custom wheels, car rims, truck rims as well as chrome rims to suit your needs.


And if you meet a few requirements, they will finance your purchase also. These requirements are:

  • Verifiable income of over $1000 for 6 months
  • 18 years or older
  • All information on your application is proven true
  • Agree to finance with their company
  • Checking account with no overdraft history for last 6 months

Interest rates

If you meet these requirements and agree to finance with them you will usually get a better interest rate than you would get if you tried to find other financing.

Electronic devices

Some of these companies also have other electronic devices for your car that you can add to your loan packet. One-stop shopping for everything you want for your car.

Do research

But you need to use caution as some of the financing businesses are only out to get your information to sell too many other companies that pay for this information. So before you fill out that application, do research to see if this company has any bad information or complaints against them.

If you need further information, is one of the businesses that you can get help deciding what you need.

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