Check Out The Top Most IT Companies In India And Why Outsource Software Development Work To Such Companies

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India is expanding in terms of IT department, and more and more people in this country are getting recruited in this sector. The job opportunities in this sector are huge, and the salary package is great compared to the other public sectors in India. With the development in technology and several skilled professionals, India’s IT companies are getting exposure worldwide, making them one of the world’s best.

If you want to know about the Top IT Companies in India, this article will help you know them. The list in this article is based on the Total Revenue and Market Capitalization. The IT companies are referred to as the backbone of the IT industry in the nation. India is termed the largest IT offshore hub globally, and these companies are one of the major sources of revenue for the country’s economy. As per the NASSCOM Report, IT sector revenue grows to about 8% in FY20, about $190 billion.

The Top IT companies provide some of the most effective traditional IT services and reshape the country and the entire world in advanced technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, IoT lots. So, keep on reading the list-

Tata Consultancy Services

It was founded in 1968, and it just provides the punch card services to Tata Steel. Today, TCS is one of the largest IT companies in the world in terms of revenue and total market Cap. TCS provides service on Business and Consulting, Digital Transformations, IT services, and so on. The revenue of this company is about Rs. 161,541 Cr, and the Total Market Cap is Rs. 1,098,792 Cr. On 8th October 2020, TCS surpassed Accenture in terms of total Market Cap.


This company was established in the year 1981 by seven engineers with a capital of just US$ 250. It is one of the largest IT service providers having a revenue of US$13 billion. Infosys is the first Indian company listed in the NASDAQ list. This company is listed in the BSE and NYSE list of companies with more than 250,000 employees. This company is having a Market Cap of about Rs. 536, 899 Cr. Apart from this, this company has the best training center in Mysore, Karnataka. One of the products, named Finacle, is the best banking solution having various retail and corporate banking sections.

Wipro Limited

It was formerly known as the Western India Palm Refined Oil Limited, the leading IT company that provides business consulting services. It is an excellent IT company and listed in the top 5. In the year 2020, Thierry Delaporte became the CEO of Wipro. This company uses technologies like robotics, cloud computing, cognitive computing, AI, automation, and lots more. The Market Cap of this company is about Rs. 221, 810 Cr.

HCL Technologies

It is another of the top most popular IT companies in India. Six engineers, including Shiv Nadar, started this company by manufacturing only personal computers. This company is more than 150,000 employees and having a Market Cap of 260 930 Cr.

This list has four names of the top IT companies in India. These companies bring about huge revenues to the country. Want to have the latest IT news and other news related to technology? Check here.

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