Certified Translation Service in Dubai is Indispensable for Large Companies

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The translation market is on the rise: according to the Common Sense Advisory (CSA), it is estimated that it moves $ 127.45 million a day. One of the reasons that helps to reach this value is the work of the certified English translator .

The services of this professional are essential for bureaucratic purposes, since it is directly related to official documents, and the fact that the English language is considered a universal language makes this language sought by large companies.

Understand what a certified translator does (also called a public translator), why he is so important when it comes to documents and what importance he plays for large companies.

What does an English certified translator do?

He is the professional responsible for translating any type of document in English into Portuguese and vice versa, so that the documents can maintain their legal validity in the national territory.

The service is very specific and needs to be done by a Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter (TPIC) duly tendered and certified in by the Commercial Board of their respective State of domicile.

The requirements are high, which can be explained by the purpose of the service: when a certified English translator translates any document, it will have the same validity in national territory as it had in the country in which it was originally issued.

This is done by translating the entire original document into Portuguese on a standardized sheet, which does not follow the formatting of the original document, but rather a standard certified translation for Brazil.

The process of becoming a professional translator is even more laborious for those who wish to perform certified services, since that person is endowed with public faith, that is, he is authorized to grant legal validity to the translated documents without having to be verified by any body public.

From the time the translator certified English have finished their service, the translation must be submitted together with the original document in English in order to remain legally valid in Brazil.

Some of the most common documents for certified translation are as follows:

  • Commercial contracts;
  • International transport documents;
  • Powers of Attorney;
  • Technical reports on civil and industrial engineering;
  • Judicial petitions;
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates;
  • School histories, diplomas and curricula.

Anyone who wants to understand what a certified translation is also needs to know that the service can be done orally (interpretation), as in weddings, audiences, writing of public deeds or other types of events, through the reliable oral translation of what is said in the event in question.

Why do large companies need a certified English translator?

So that they can resolve any bureaucratic issues they have with documents written in English, which, in turn, allows them to be able to continue with their operations.

Large companies are generally involved in international business transactions and most documents are written in English, known as a universal language in the business world.

In the case of business relations with a company in the United States, for example, the contracts may be originally sent in the English language, but will not be valid in Brazil if they are not translated into the local language.

It is up to the English certified translator to proceed with the translation so that they can maintain their due legal validity and, thus, be used for the proper purposes, such as being presented to some public agency, such as the IRS, for example.

Companies can use a translation company to hire the services of a certified translator, which even allows them to save money, since it will not be necessary to have one of these professionals full time with them.

Is there another way to do certified translations?

Computer keyboard with language names instead of conventional keys.  There is a key that says

No. The contents can even be translated in simple format, but the translation will not have any legal value, which will make its use impossible.

The automatic translation , for example, has a number of limitations due to the fact that it is performed by calculation of an algorithm, which consequently causes it could be wrong according to the context, which would be even more serious in the case of a document that needs to have its legal value recognized.

However, even if the quality of the translation was perfect and with its appropriate cultural, historical and regional adaptations made, the content would have no legal value, since it was not translated by an English certified translator .

Other translation professionals who are not tendered and installed by the Board of Trade, which would endow them with public faith, are also not allowed to perform certified translations.

It is important that these details are always observed, so that companies do not make the mistake of looking for automatic translations or professional translators who are not certified to perform such services.

In addition to not giving legal validity to the translated document, this can be received by the market as an act of bad faith, which is not beneficial for any business, especially for large companies, which, in turn, could harm all your success and credibility in the market.

Count on a good certified english translator

The bureaucracy that exists in the process of training certified translators is completely understandable, since they are endowed with public faith and have the power to give legal validity to translated documents, which demands a high level of professionalism and responsibility.

It is not always possible to know in advance when certified translation will be necessary, but this is a situation that can happen at any time, especially with large companies, which are constantly involved in international business.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to always be prepared and count on high quality Translation Services in Dubai, which has experienced professionals on its team and who are able to act as a certified English translator . Thus, bureaucratic issues will not be a problem for your company.

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