Are You Holding an Outdoor Event and Need Marquees

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If you are holding an outdoor event, you will need tents or canopies whether you are holding a book fair or a wedding celebration. Therefore, the marquees you choose must be sized and set up to your specific requirements. To make a marquee selection, you first have to familiarise yourself with the styles of marquees.

Basic styles for marquees include frame marquees, highpoint marquees, and clearspan structures. Typically, frame marquees are used for parties, festival booths, and wedding celebrations. Therefore, frame marquees are frequently used for a host of outside events.

Frame Marquees: The Amenities

You can hire frame marquees with clear or white panel walls, depending on your specifications. If you are seeking an economical canopy, you will find that a frame marquee hire will meet your requirements. In addition, frame marquees can be fitted with the following:

  • Silken wall and roof linings
  • Clear panel walls
  • Doors designed in the Colonial style
  • A non-slip, grass-friendly floor
  • Artificial grass flooring such as AstroTurf
  • Carpet tiles
  • Timber flooring

To choose the marquee sizes, it is best to refer to a sizing chart, which can often be downloaded on a marquee company platform. If you have any questions, you should address your concerns or enquiries to the hire company.

Marquee Wedding Events

One of the trending reasons for hiring marquees is marquee wedding events. A marquee wedding allows a bride and groom to choose their venue and set up stylish, romantic marquees for the ceremony and reception.

To choose a wedding marquee, it is usually better to select one with a high ceiling. Therefore, the high-point marquee style is often used for the celebration. A high-point marquee adds a type of timelessness that enhances the romance surrounding the event.

Sizing a Marquee

To make sure that you size the marquee correctly, you should already have a good idea about how many people will be attending your wedding. You also want to make sure that you have enough room to hold the furnishings, such as the tables and chairs. The marquee should be big enough to accommodate both guests and furnishings.

Will you be needing a dance floor or will you be featuring a DJ or live entertainment? If so, these additions must be factored into the sizing. Depending on the weather, a marquee can either be left open or set up with protective panels.

Also, will you be holding your wedding in the day or evening? Will you need lighting? A catering marquee should also be included in your hiring package. Once you know how many guests will be attending your wedding, you can proceed more easily in making a selection.

You have a lot to consider when hiring marquees whether they are used for a festival, high-profile event, or company picnic. Make sure that you select the right size of marquee first before adding linings or other tent accents.


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