Apple And Airbnb’s Awesome Employee Benefits

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When it comes to work life, certain corporations hands-down provide the best benefits to their employees. It may come to no surprise that these corporations are often tech startups that have made it big. Let’s say: Adobe, Apple and Airbnb would make for pretty great guesses—and accurate ones as well.

Free Swag: 1.67 High Index Lenses, VR Headsets & Fitbits

Can you imagine what it must feel like to work for a company as large as Apple? When it comes to white-collar workers, the perks are endless. Not only do employees get to keep their own iPhones and Macbooks for a great discounted rate of 25%, but they also have the option to access a slew of high-technological gear. From 1.67 high index lenses all the way through to  blue blocker sunglasses, Fitbits, virtual reality headsets and other cool gadgets, you can receive all this swag for a low rate. How is this true? Apple makes continuous partnerships with other tech companies in order to earn the technological know-how of these small gadgets, while the lesser-known companies have the opportunity of leveraging the strong brand association that comes with such a partnership.

Exorbitant Vacation Days

Airbnb is another company with more than fair employee benefits. They offer an exorbitant amount of time off for employees to vacation, with sits well in line for a company that is a first-mover in the travel and hospitality industry. Apart from two entire weeks off for the holidays in the winter, Airbnb provides every employee with paid vacation dates and yearly tavel credits if using their services. When it comes to maternity and paternity leave, a company that is born in San Francisco offers 10 weeks for men and even more time off for women… This is an incredible advantage since the U.S.A. is one of the few developing companies in the world with no legal maternity and paternity regulations.

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