AidaForm Online Form Builder Review: Easiest Platform to Create Online Forms

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Online forms can have a huge impact on personal or business websites, and can help you to acquire leads, get feedback, conduct market research, or even accept applications. The number of ways that forms can be used are staggering, but if you want them to be effective you need to be able to control their structure and appearance.

Instead of trying to become familiar with the code necessary to build online forms from scratch, you could try AidaForm. It is a specialized platform that is designed to make it easy to create forms of all kinds.

Graphically ‘Build’ an Online Form

The reason it is so easy to create forms using AidaForm is because it has a graphical interface. Using its interface you can construct your form using different types of blocks for the various fields that you need and dragging them into place.

If you want you can then customize the appearance and style of your form as well, all with just a few clicks. By the time you’re done your form structure and design should look exactly the way that you want it to.

Once you’ve built a form, AidaForm will let you publish it easily. All the code that you need will be generated automatically so you can just copy and paste it onto your website, or you could link to it directly as well – which will allow you to publish it on social media and other platforms.

With that kind of flexibility you should be able to truly take advantage of online forms and benefit from them for marketing, lead generation, research, feedback, or any other task you require.

Essential Features

While AidaForm does have lots of features – there are a few that are particularly essential and will let you shape your form by:

  • Using pre-built templates as a starting point to quickly create online forms.
  • Adding a wide range of fields to your form including CAPTCHA, file uploads, Google Maps, dates, signature fields, and more.
  • Applying themes to alter the style of your forms and then customize them further if necessary.
  • Viewing and analyzing the data within the web interface using helpful informative visualizations.
  • Exporting data in various formats including Google Sheets or Excel documents.
  • Trying out the built-in integration with third-party platforms such as Zapier or MailChimp.


If you would like to see for yourself what AidaForm can do, you should head over to the website and try it out. All you need to do to start building your forms is follow the instructions at

Make no mistake AidaForm will provide you with a potent and powerful form builder that is easy to use. It is up to you to take advantage of its capabilities however, and start creating the types of forms you need for your business or personal websites.

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