A Complete List of Important Moving Documents And Forms

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When it comes to moving, there are several moving documents and forms that are essential to have a successful move. Don’t forget to add all these documents into a moving binder to have an organized move. When you hire the best cross country movers, they will help you with a checklist. Meanwhile, check this list of these important moving documents and forms to have a smoother moving.

Moving estimate

Once in-person or video survey is done, the movers will offer you a written moving quote. This moving estimate includes several charges such as labor cost, transportation charges, and storage charges, insurance and so on.

Inventory documentation

Once the driver had done the inventory, he/she will offer you a descriptive inventory form. This form includes all inventory or items that have been loaded into the moving truck. Along with the items, the condition of the items has also been noted beside the items. Though if the items had been packed into boxes by the owner, then the driver will only note the number of boxes while the condition of the products is noted by the owner. Once the driver issues the inventory form, check this out and keep it handy during your move.

Written liability options

In rights and responsibilities, different types of liability levels are explained. Usually, local movers have a lot of available liability options. You should request them for a full explanation of liability options before choosing the right plan for yourself. Released value protection and full value protection are the two liability option that every mover offers. Get a document of full explanation for the same to choose the right one.

Get a copy of “Rights and Responsibilities”

When you hire a full service cross country moving company, getting a copy of the “rights and responsibilities is essential. The document should explain to you ample information regarding goods carriers along with the other instructions such as how to the complaint and question and so on. If the mover is not providing you “rights and responsibilities” then it is a red flag that you should not hire such movers.

Bill of lading

If you are hiring professional movers for you then the bill of lading is an essential document that you should collect. Bill of lading is a legal binding bond between you and your movers. The content of both documents “bill of lading” and “order for service” should be the same. This document should contain things such as moving rate, payment method, origin, and items to be shipped, information on insurance and so on.

Order for service

Receive a copy of the order for service when you hire professional movers. Order for service is an important document that you should be attached with the bill of lading. It should also include the pick-up date, delivery date, moving estimate details, and much more. It should also include special services if you have ordered for the same. Both of you as well as your mover should sign this “order for service” document.

These are a few documents that you should have with you to have a successful move. Keep these handy while moving so that you can use these whenever there is a need for.

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