3 Ways to Cut Down on the Waste and Trash of Your Business

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Regardless of the business type you find yourself in, it’s hard not to be concerned about your bottom line. Before the profits come, there are a lot of overhead costs that need to be met. One of those expenditures includes regularly disposing of your waste and trash.

All businesses desire the most cost-effective and quality waste management option available. A waste management consultant can go a long way in helping businesses just like yours with challenges like that.

But did you know that there’s another way to save money on your business’s waste management bill that generally flies under the radar? That lesser-thought-of option is finding ways to cut back on the trash your business throws away. Here are some key ways on how you can do that.

Buy Your Employees Water Bottles 

The plastic waste that happens because of disposable bottled waters is immense for most businesses. When you have employees showing up day in and day out who need to continually hydrate themselves, it’s no small matter. You’re talking thousands of water bottles thrown into company trash cans and dumpsters on an annual basis even if you own a modest company.

It’s actually far cheaper, in the long run, to buy your employees high-quality water bottles with your company logo on them. You can encourage them to use their gift while at work. Most people these days are into helping the environment. This can be a great way to encourage your employees to do just that while the gift will give your company’s morale a little boost.

You can further encourage your employees to use their company water bottles by providing filtered water or water-flavoring packets.

Provide Lunch Utensils and a Dishwasher

Instead of a bunch of disposable plates and utensils hitting the trash every day during lunch breaks, why not provide re-usable utensils, containers and a dishwasher? Both you and your employees will save money by doing this and it won’t cost you much time at all. It’ll also add a team-like feel to your business since you won’t be using a bunch of throwaway items. The quality of your lunches will probably be perceived as better by your employees, too.

Find Uses For Your Shredded Paper

The sad reality is that recycling companies rarely take paper shreds, adding to your company’s trash bill. There’s a silver lining to this dilemma, however. The reality is there are a lot of ways that shredded paper can be reused.

One major way to avoid having that paper hit the waste can is to offer it to a local animal shelter or veterinarian. Those paper shreds can make for some nice bedding for animals or can even work in a pinch for kitty litter. Another option includes allowing employees to take the shreds home to use for crafts like stuffing scarecrows or for art projects with their kids.

In conclusion, sometimes saving money on your company’s waste management bill is as simple as thinking outside of the box. You may have other ideas of how to save money on your trash bill and those are also great things to consider implementing. And while figuring out ways to conserve, remember that your waste management consultant may be able to help you significantly reduce your company’s monthly trash and waste bills.

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