3 Top Tips For Success At Your First Trade Show

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Once you get the hang of exhibiting at trade shows, you’ll quickly realise that there’s really nothing to get too stressed about. However, if you’ve not been to one before, you may be feeling overwhelmed and under pressure.

Luckily, it only takes one or two trade shows for you to get into the swing of it all and there are definitely some things you can do to ensure success – even at your first one! Keep reading to find out some of the things you can prepare for to make sure your first trade show goes swimmingly.

Get branded clothing for your staff

Investing in branded clothing is a great move for your business as a whole, but this is especially true at trade shows; if you want to leave your mark on the trade show world, branded clothing is one of the ways to go.

We spoke to branded clothing experts, Stitch Embroidery, who said: “One of the most effective ways to get noticed at a trade show is to ensure that you and the rest of the team are all wearing branded clothing, even when you’re visiting other stalls.”

“You could also give out branded clothing and merchandise to potential customers and visitors to your stall, too. This could be through a competition or just a simple giveaway, but it will definitely get you recognised and will have the recipients remembering you branding long after the event has ended.”

Go with a purpose

You may feel overwhelmed at your first trade show, which is why it’s so important that, by the time you arrive, you already have your main objectives mapped out as this will drive what you say and do.

These objectives are personal to your business and depend on what you want to achieve at the trade show, but they could include:

  • To introduce a new product.
  • To grow your mailing list.
  • To build relationships.
  • To meet people from specific companies.

Your personal aims could span all or none of the above, but you should always go to a trade show with at least one intention. Reflecting on this is how you’ll be able to work out whether your time at the trade show was a success.

Plan something interactive

Nothing creates a buzz and a lasting memory at a trade show more than adding an interactive element to your stall. We all know that engaging people is a great way to ensure that they remember us, so it’s strange how many people don’t put that into practice at trade shows.

Adding an interactive element to your stall could involve anything from renting a photo booth and uploading people’s photos with a brand/event specific hashtag, to having visitors express themselves by drawing something about them on a wall or big sheet of paper.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some pointers on how to have a productive trade show. If you’re struggling with the layout of your stall, read through this guide by The Balance for some help.

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