10 Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

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With average cost of wedding is an all-time high, the couples-to-be are looking for some easy ways to trim their wedding budget without sacrificing on the important things like food, drinks, fun, décor and the guest’s comfort.

Here are some of the brilliant ways to cut off the costs on your wedding budget:

  1. Focus On What’s Important To You & Your Guests

All that your guests are expecting at your wedding is good music and good food. We spend a lot of money on things like open bar in the weddings to impress our guests. If you are a kind of person, who simply wants to spend on the things which matter the most to you and your guests, then simply avoid other expenses and focus only on those.

  1. Let The Florist Spread Their Artistic Magic

Good decoration and a theme based wedding are very common these days. Any wedding decoration is incomplete without beautiful blossoms. Florists are the people who can create a majestic appearance in your wedding by giving a beautiful and romantic ambiance to the wedding venue. They can place awesome centrepieces, help you with the bridal bouquet and various other floral arrangements to spread the mesmerizing fragrance in your wedding.

  1. Use Flowers Which Are In-Season

We often spend very little on the wedding flowers and the décor of the venue. But actually, you can order luxury flowers online and In-season flowers to get the most beautiful and fresh flowers at cheaper prices. Flowers give an exquisite look to your wedding venue. Creatively decorated space invites the guests and the couple-to-be drive in romantic mood and an enchanting ambiance.

  1. Skip Favours For Guests

Mostly, the guests don’t care for the gifts, they’ll just get them leave behind or probably throw away within a month or two. Instead, set aside some money from your wedding budget to donate it in charity. You can also let your guests know about this charity work through plate cards.

  1. Prefer To Marry In Off-Season

Avoid marrying in summer. Just see when the off-season is and look out for your wedding venue, photographer and caterer. Likewise, you can save thousands and enjoy your wedding with a number of facilities.

  1. Consider Wedding In December

Due to holidays, most of the venues and churches are already decorated, which means you can save a large amount of wedding decorations spend. Moreover, find out the Friday or Sunday weddings for discount to get some deals throughout the month of December and enjoy great benefits in the holiday season.

  1. Use Your Friend’s Talents

There are various things required in your wedding which can be done as a gift from your friends. For example, one of my college friend made our wedding cake as our gift, my aunt did my makeup, and my sister’s best friend did my hair as my gift.

  1. Search Online For Cheaper Ideas

You can search facebook’s online garage sales for used wedding materials. Often, there are people who want to get rid of their stuff at half the prices. Nobody will pay attention or remember those little decorations and minor arrangements which may seem crucial to you. The most important thing that they’ll remember is, that you’ve got married.

  1. Choose a Garden Instead of Country Club Wedding

Instead of going for the expensive hotels and country club wedding, plan your wedding ceremony in a park or a garden. You can have a reception in the local community building following the wedding ceremony. All you need to do is some research and you can save a ton of money on wedding location.

  1. Do Things As Non-Traditionally As Possible

While organizing your wedding in a traditional way, you are going to have your pockets ripped off. The day you start dealing with different vendors specializing in wedding tasks, you’ll notice that you need a high-fie wedding budget. And, having a non-traditional wedding in the non-traditional venues can save you a lot money. We had our wedding in the month of October and planned a Sunday brunch. We decided to get married in a movie theater and had our reception within a bar in a music hall. Not only we saved a lot of money, our wedding was fun for everyone.


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