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Temporary Staffing Services

Scion Staffing is an award-winning temporary staffing service listed in the Business Times list of top staffing firms for over 13 years running and recently awarded to the List of Best Executive Recruiting Firms in the World and US by Forbes.

From top corporations to prestigious nonprofit organizations, we supply new exceptional temporary staff daily with a wide range of skills, experience, and knowledge. No matter the size of your team, budget, or required timeline, our experienced temporary staffing managers stand ready to meet your needs.

Our ready to work and reliable temporary staff members are always excited for new challenges within a wide range of verticals including (but not limited to):

  • Administrative Staffing (Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Coordinators, Receptionists)
  • Finance Staffing (Bookkeeping, Accounting & Auditing)
  • Operation Staffing (Operations Directors, Operations Managers, Office Managers, Assistants)
  • Human Resource Staffing (HR Directors, Managers, Recruiters, Assistants)
  • Marketing & Digital Staffing (Managers, Product, Web / Interactive, Coordinators, Assistants)
  • Communications & PR Staffing (Managers, Editors, Assistants)
  • Customer Service/Help-desk Staffing (App Service Reps, CSR’s, Tech Support)
  • IT & Engineering Staffing (Contract IT, Architects, Engineers, Developers, Database)
  • Creative Staffing (Creative Directors, UI/UX, Product/Apparel Design, Graphic Design)
  • Design Recruiting (Directors, Product Designers, Web & Interactive)
  • Supply Chain Staffing (Category Management, Supply Chain Managers, Merchandisers)
  • Sales Staffing (Managers, Assistants, Representatives)
  • Healthcare & Medical Staffing (Administration, Nurses, Medical Billers, Coders, Support)
  • Legal Staffing  (Attorneys, Paralegals, Support Staff)
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Staffing (Specialties and Office Staff)
  • Other Specialties Staffing (Data, Research, Startup, Financial Services and more)

Our Temporary Staffing Associates

We work with a private vetted talent pool of local professionals to offer an immediate response to urgent staff needs and work both locally and nationally on tailored searches across a variety of industries and talent levels. In addition, our countywide candidate pool is extremely expansive and always available for searches requiring additional talent to consider. We’ll hear you, and then we’ll help you find it.

Our team stands ready to recruit and select best-fit talent on your behalf! To connect with one of our recruiters, please contact us today or learn more about our temporary staffing services here. We look forward to working with you!

We Get It

The Scion team specializes in quickly staffing those tough to fill professional roles and will work tirelessly to provide you with the right hire. We immediately engage in a streamlined recruitment process and quickly provide best-match candidate profiles and identify top performers who are ideal candidates for you! Whether you need personnel to assist with a large project, set up a new system, cover short or long-term staff leaves or vacations, our ongoing tracking, screening, recruitment and on-boarding process enables us to deliver top finance talent in your specific area of need in a timely manner. Scion Staffing has been recognized as a leading national temp agency and can also be found in the leading lists of temporary agencies.

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