Prolong the Lifespan of Your Banners

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Banners are considered an investment, and rightly so. A good banner can be used for many events and occasions, and they can be fully utilised at different exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, and other events through which you can market your products or services. Although they are not exorbitantly expensive when it comes to price, it’s still a good idea to make them last as long as possible. So how can you properly maintain your banners so that they can last for a long time? Here’s what you need to know to prolong the lifespan of your banners.

The essentials of banner care

  • When storing your banner, it’s best to roll it up whilst also making sure that the graphics of the banner are not exposed. In other words, the graphics and images should be facing inwards, not outwards when you roll it. This will protect the graphics and images from scratches and fading, especially if you have to store the banner for a long time.
  • It’s also best if you can roll rather than fold your banner; folding the banner may result in wrinkles or lines which can be difficult to flatten.
  • If you can, avoid storing your banner in a sunny spot or location; constant exposure to sunlight can affect the banner material, and the sunlight may even seep through the banner and ruin or damage the graphics.
  • If your banner is dirty and needs a wash, you can clean it with the use of a gentle dishwashing liquid soap mixed with water. Simply dip a soft piece of cloth into the soap and water solution, wring the cloth, and wipe down the banner. Dry the banner with another piece of clean cloth.
  • Never clean your banner with the use of abrasive cleaning products or chemicals; this may destroy the overall look of your banner. Don’t use a brush with hard bristles on your banner, either.
  • Make sure your banner is thoroughly dry before you roll it up for storage; if the banner is damp or wet, this can lead to mould issues.
  • Avoid using rubber bands to secure your rolled-up banner as this can result in creases as well. If you want to keep the rolled-up shape of your banner, simply use a length of ribbon or soft rope.
  • The best place to store your banner is a cool and dry area, such as a storage cupboard.
  • When you store your banner, keep it well away from various chemicals and solvents, such as acetone, paint thinner, gasoline, and alcohol.

By following the care instructions stated above, you can ensure the longevity of your banner, as confirmed by Roller Banners UK, which has been a specialist in banners, exhibition stands, and other kinds of displays for many years.  

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