What Do You Need Inspected at Your Business?

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At your business, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of yourself and others. You need to make sure that your customers as well as your employees are in the safest possible environment. In a 21st century business setting, one of the most obvious dangers comes from electricity. There are dozens of different circuits running through your business that carry large amounts of energy. All of that energy has the potential to start fires. The most common reason that a fire starts from an electrical wire is a failure of insulation. Portable appliance testing will investigate the resilience of insulation.

PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing, often called PAT testing, is a process in which an electrician in your area will investigate the health and safety of a portable electrical appliance. The process is often redundantly called PAT testing. If you need PAT testing in Southampton, you need to call an electrician who has experience with the different aspects of the procedure. The process will investigate many different elements of your portable appliance. One of them is the quality of the insulation.

Metal wires carry electricity and form an electrical circuit. To protect their surroundings, the wires are covered in an insulating material; that material is usually rubber or plastic. The PAT test will determine if the rubber or plastic is still in good shape. Any exposed wire will be identified so that you can remedy it. The grounding of your appliance will be tested as well.


An appliance is grounded or earthed when the electrical circuit it’s connected to enters the ground. In a circuit, you sometimes need to discharge excess electricity. That will help protect you from electrocution. People are electrocuted when they accidentally complete the circuit and electricity passes through them as a conductor. Grounding the electrical circuit reduces that possibility. There is still the possibility that you’ll be electrocuted if an appliance is not properly maintained, but grounding helps reduce that risk.

To be considered grounded, a circuit does not actually have to be in touch with the ground. The ground is just considered the most vast and constant sink with near limitless potential to absorb electricity. Grounding can often occur simply by connecting the circuit to something non-conductive or that can conduct the charge safely away from anyone. If an appliance is not grounding properly, it creates an electrocution risk for anyone who uses it. It can also lead to a circuit overloading and malfunctioning. A portable appliance test will test whether or not your circuit is properly grounded.

Portable appliance testing might be something of an inconvenience, especially if you can only schedule time for a test during the workday, however, it is absolutely essential for your appliances to be as safe as possible. This will also increase the longevity of your appliances, which will save you money in the long run. Healthier appliances do not break down as often nor do they need to be replaced as often, and that means the PAT test will probably end up as a net positive on your balance sheet.

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