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Oil is an essential thing of modern life. Oil is used in the production of many goods and it is an important part of our products units. Moreover, without oil, many of our machines will stop working and we will not be able to drive cars which have engines that operated by oil. But oil is not produced by only one company. There are many countries who are top oil producers. Some of them are as below:


This is the country that is enriched with petroleum and it has 99.4 billion barrels proven oil reserves. The production of this country is about 2.35 million barrel per day. There is an important thing about this country as well. It shares 2.8% in the world shares of oil.  These are the statics which proves the worth of this country and makes it among the best counties.


You might be known Nigeria as one of the poorest countries of the world. But this is the country with 37.2 billion barrels of proven oil reserves. It does not just ends here. Nigeria also produces 2.51 million barrel oil on daily basis. Only 1.02 million barrel oil production is exported to the USA.  It shares 2.5% of world’s total oil.


This country is the well-known country and it is famous for many things. This country produces 2.75 million barrels of oil on daily basis. They are sharing 3.2% of world’s oil. They have the nicest companies of working engineers and people who are working best. They have about 12.8 billion barrels oil reservations. And these reservations are proved. This is the country who exports 271,000 barrels crude oil only to the USA.

The United Arab Emirates

UAE is a great exporter of oil and it is a well-known fact. It produces 2.81 million barrels oil on daily basis. Moreover, it has 97.8 billion barrel oil reservation which is proved. It shares 3.3 % of world’s total oil.

There are many oil manufacturers who are manufacturing oil based products. Some of the countries are illustrated above and many companies are performing this task. CBO oil manufacturer is also one of the best oil manufacturers. You can find out many oil products from them. However oil is the great and real core of all the developments.

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