How to Set up A/V for a Corporate Event

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Corporate events tend to range somewhere between boring and tedious. There are a few corporate events that are legitimately enjoyable but many of them are just no fun. That’s why they’re so often in interesting cities with other interesting things to do. However, your corporate event is a way to introduce yourself to your clients, customers, and employees. You need to keep their attention long enough to convey a clear and decisive message about your business and the path forward. If it’s an event for employees or contractors, you need to make sure that they’re all on the same page. To do that, you need compelling audio and video.

Compelling A/V

Compelling audio and video means that it needs to run smoothly and engage the viewer. When there are audiovisual problems that require people to scramble around on the floor to plug in wires and try to troubleshoot problems in real time, the audience stops paying attention. It’s not an effective way to keep their attention. You need a multimedia setup that is responsive and works exactly as designed as soon as you turn it on. You need one designed by professionals such as the CDS audio visual specialists. They’ll be able to design and implement a system that is responsive, cutting-edge, and reliable.


One of the important aspects of your audiovisual setup is the state of the technology. A/V technology has been changing and advancing very rapidly. There are many options for wireless systems that are easier to set up and much less complicated. Also, the quality of audio and video has been increasing dramatically. High Definition (HD) video is the most common method for delivering compelling visuals.

HD is usually defined as 720 vertical pixels or more. 1080 pixels is known as 1080p and considered to be “full HD.” Recently, that technology has advanced to the point that 4K HD is available in some capacities. If you are offering your clients, customers, and employees full HD capabilities, they will be much more engaged with the material at hand. Full HD brings brighter, more vibrant colours to the event. That will make it easier to engage the viewers.

The audio that is being offered now is much clearer and more resonant. When the audio is better quality, it’s more interesting and more captivating. Also, it’s just easier for the audience to hear. When the audience has to strain to hear or understand the audio, they often just stop paying attention.

The Setup

If you are not very technologically savvy, all of these audiovisual aspects can seem intimidating. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle it yourself. If you want, you can hire specialists to set up your A/V equipment for you; they can ensure that it’s properly connected and maintained. That will give you the peace of mind that your conference will go off without a hitch. The professionals will then break it down and remove it after the conference is over.

You just need to focus on delivering the best possible performance. You don’t have to stress about the electronics.

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