From Risk Assessments to Covert Protection: Learning More about Your Local Security Firms

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According to a recent study conducted by the Office for National Statistics, police data showed a 10% increase in robberies, a 35% rise in public order offences, and a 21% upsurge in murders during the past year alone. As such, being able to secure and protect your place of business, event centre, or other commercial venue is imperative in today’s day and age, especially when taking into account the rising crime rates and amplified likelihood of burglaries around the UK.

However, finding reputable security guards in Leeds, for instance, is much easier said than done due to the bevy of inexperienced and poorly-resourced companies attempting to take advantage of the current socio-economic landscape. So if you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of hiring a professional security firm to help protect your retail establishment, exhibition hub, or upcoming event, feel free to use this brief article as introductory guide to help you vet the local landscape and make a great hire.

The Suite of Services

First things first; it’s worth noting that the most reputable firms in the security industry pride themselves on being able to offer much more than just a team of hulking strongmen to guard your doors and glare at incoming customers. As a matter of fact, the most distinguished security organisations are often referred to as the ultimate talent recruiters for nuanced commercial needs. So, as you scour the Internet for the best-rated companies in your area, it’s in your best interests to ensure that your shortlist is comprised only of firms that can provide a far-reaching, comprehensive suite of services:

  • I.A licensed manned guarding services
  • Rapid-response security teams
  • Scheduled security patrols
  • Top-to-bottom risk assessment services and method analyses
  • Procurement of personal protective equipment, plant machinery, and up-to-date safety guidelines based on your scope of operations
  • Installation and setup of CCTV cameras, proxy readers, card scanners, retina access platforms, and other high-tech security provisions
  • Labour supply services ranging from rail workers and carpenters to construction specialists and more

If you can ascertain several local companies that are able to facilitate the above services on an in-house basis, it’s time to move on to the next phase of your research.


Any random company can claim to be a top-notch recruiter of security specialists and various labourers but is the firm accredited and licensed by the proper regulatory agencies? In order to answer this all-too-important question, it’s worth your while to take a close look at every organisation’s catalogue of endorsements and certifications, the most important of which are shown below:

  • Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme
  • Skills for Security
  • SAFE contractor approved
  • ASET
  • CIRAS Confidential Reporting
  • Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme
  • UK Register of Pre-Qualified Construction Services

Simply stated, there is no excuse for a self-proclaimed security company to operate in the UK without at least a few of the above-listed accreditations.

Community Presence

By now, you probably have two or three security firms on your shortlist, which means that you’ll have to dive a bit deeper to make a confident final hire. During the final phase of your research, you should evaluate each firm’s commitment to the community by ascertaining whether or not they donate to reputable local charities. Although this might seem a bit superfluous, it’s actually the best way to assess a particular company’s honesty, integrity, and reliability. With this notion in mind, it’s worth mentioning that the top-rated security firms go out of their way to lend a helping hand to the following organisations:

  • Anthony Nolan Trust (saving lives of people with blood cancer)
  • Candlelighters (helping the families of children suffering from cancer)
  • Leeds Homeless Partnership (helping the less fortunate in Leeds and surrounding areas)

With all of this information at your disposal, you’re more than ready to start scrutinising local security companies as a true professional would.


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