Choosing the Best CCTV System for your Business

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Business operators usually choose to install a decent commercial CCTV system that has their premises covered. Businesses want to have 24 hour CCTV surveillance that protects their premises, stock, equipment, staff, and customers. CCTV allows you to protect your business day and night, even when you’re not there, and these days there is the added benefit of being able to monitor the CCTV footage remotely in real time, whether at home or at any other location away from the premises.

What Do You Need?

So what are your options for choosing a CCTV system? What choices are available to you that best fit the needs of 24 hour surveillance at your business? Here are a few of the options you may wish to look for:

  • Networked Cameras – create an array of cameras that can effectively track an entire area
  • Night Vision Cameras – better for poorly lit areas, of which may be vulnerable targets
  • Number Plate Recognition – useful for premises where intruders might drive in and out
  • Recording Directly onto High Drive – moving on from recording onto video cassette directly onto hard drive, the next digital revolution is direct onto High Drive, online storage in the ‘cloud’
  • Remote Viewing – view online from anywhere, using the internet app and password.

Every business is different, and has different security needs. An industrial warehouse with logistical operation around the M6 corridor will need a certain array of cameras that keeps the premises safe and secure. If you are a SME based along the M3 corridor then the need for CCTV systems in Hampshire or Surrey will have a different requirement for keeping business equipment and data secure. So whatever the security needs of your business are, be sure to install the correct types and network of cameras. You can start by consulting with an industry certified installer to advise you.

Meeting the Standards

When installing or upgrading your commercial CCTV surveillance system, you’ll also need to ensure that it won’t let you down in a time of need. This means you seek quality and security. Here are some things to look out for:

  • NSI NACOS Gold Certified Installers – Has your system been installed by industry leaders?
  • Industry Specific ISO 9001 – Does your CCTV system meet the global standard?
  • BS 7958:2009 – CCTV management and operation code of practice
  • BS 8418:2010 – Installation and remote monitoring of detector activated CCTV code of practice

For certain, you will need to follow the correct codes of practice when installing any system, to truly ensure it will protect your business.

Step up to success

Depending on the type of business and its operations, you’ll need to think differently about protecting your premises through CCTV. A good start is to consult an industry-certified installer, who will walk you through the various options available. You should consider the types of cameras, where they are placed, and how you wish to monitor them. Once you have an effective 24 hour surveillance system, your business can be secure.

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